5 Guys Chillin'. A show review.

5 Guys Chillin’. A show review.

 5 Guys Chillin.. A show review. 

First things first I just want to mention that the King’s Head Theatre in partnership with Equity is a paid fringe venue, I think this is great and wished that more fringe productions were able to do this. Helping to support actors in the career they have chosen.


Now on with the show..

??An in your face look at the gay party scene and how it is heavily fuelled by drugs. Focusing on the idea of a ‘chill’, 5 Guys chillin’ is the compilation of over 50 hours of anonymous interviews from sources such as grinder and social media by the writer/director Peter Darney.

??This play has many themes throughout which are highlighted in certain sections such as loneliness, happiness, love, lust, pain and more in many eye opening moments. I found the show in itself to be educational as there were lots of things I did not know such certain a drug names, methods of taking it and just how wild and seedy the London party scene could be. I did wonder if I was the intended audience, as based on other peoples reactions from the mainly older gay audience I could see couples and friends laughing and having acknowledging smiles as if to say ‘Remember when we done that’ or ‘so true’.??With that being said I believe the show does what it sets out to do. Me and my friend left the theatre thinking heavily on the matter and discussing it, so whether you are in the drug or party scene or not it is very thought provoking.

???It is a brave show as it tackles difficult stories and issues. This show helps tell the stories about life which may not normally be told or put in the public eye.??The recounting of people’s stories is cleverly done, as each monologue style story delivered, spins off into another actors story. But on that note at times some of the stories are not explored enough or the dialogue goes off on a bit of tangent, some of the stories came across as second hand information and not as if they character had actually lived them. 

The show needs a little bit more time to sit and gain it’s pace and with this I feel the stories will all blend more smoothly. ??The audience both laughed and had moments of stillness which showed how they were pulled into the play, so although there are some kinks to be worked out the show is on the right track.

??For me Elliot Hadley who plays the role of R is a stand out actor in the show. His endearing and youthful character is both fun and shocking at the same time. Hadley really made me believe that he was in the party scene, even if not by choice. A young easily influenced eager to please character who you just want to take under your wing.?? At times it seemed like some of the other cast members were a little less at ease with their character or story but as the show went on everyone came into their own. 

??Highlighting the ‘taboo’ factor of gay london nightlife, this show is a good piece of LGBT theatre and very thought provoking.

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And also the Kings Head website link to the show: 5 Guys Chillin


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