A little Movie Review of Guardians of the Galaxy

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A little Movie Review of Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy. Release date August 2014. Starring Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Chris Pratt.

I’ve always been a massive Marvel and general comic/superhero fan, having a massive cupboard back at my parents house full of toys and novelty superhero merchandise from my youth. That being said Guardians of the Galaxy seemed to slip through the net and I knew little about it, which in theory was a good thing as I went to the cinema with no expectations.

Chris Pratt was in such great shape!!! With Parks and Recreation being one of my favourite shows, it was great to see that Chris Pratt is such a versatile actor and able to transform from that loveable, somewhat chubby but stupid goof to a leading action man but while still holding on to that humour.

Bradley Cooper plays a trigger happy mutated Raccoon named ‘Rocket’ and gives a stand out performance, showing that he doesn’t always have to rely on his looks to help give a great performance. Hilarious but yet surprisingly deep during a drunken rant scene in a bar where ‘Rocket’ describes how he was experiment on and pulled apart etc.

Drax ‘The Destroyer’  – there is quite a trend now with wrestlers transitioning into mainstream movies, but in this case Dave Baustista brings a lot to the film. He brings humour and kick ass fighting scenes. The humour in his retorts comes from the fact that he doesn’t know that he is being funny and had the audience howling with laughter.

We all know that Zoe Saldana can be a kick ass warrior – take the movie ‘Colombiana” for instance. In this movie she combines balletic grace and martial skills to be a powerful assassin and even looks great being head to toe in Green.

Unlike Bradley Cooper’s contribution to the movie, I feel that Van Diesel was just pulled in as a name to attract more fans, his contribution of “I am Groot” said in different tones could not have taken more than a few hours to record.

With such impressive special effects and humour, this is a movie sure to appeal to a massive demographic!!!. A modern day Star Wars with an X-Men twist. I can’t recommend this movie enough.

The only let down was the post credit video snippet. The whole cinema sat waiting for the usual Marvel video trailer that normally reveals something really exciting, only to be met by a small snippet of the ‘Collector’ being Dr Doolittle and getting licked by a dog and spoken to by a giant duck…

Giving you a smashing 5 Movie Punches and a full on Die Hard rating!








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