A movie rundown.

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A movie rundown.

We as an audience have been spoilt lately at the cinema, whether you are flying solo, with a loved one or with friends there is so much to see. I finally managed to clear some time in my schedule and  put myself out of my misery and saw 5 movies in the space of two weeks.

A Movie rundown

Firstly up was Star Trek: Beyond.

My dad used to love Star Trek and although I had seen a lot of the old school Star Trek in my youth, I wasn’t really a fan until the most recent movies. This is the third instalment which follows the USS Enterprise as the ship and crew explore the deepest reaches of space. Coming across a familiar enemy we see a full out space battle take place. Some great special effects and all star cast make this great viewing.

Giving you 5 punches
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Next up we had Ghostbusters.

Having had some mixed reviews due to the original movies having such a cult following I was relieved that I really enjoyed this one. Hollywood seem to love a remake and although not enough time has passed for all of its current remakes this movie was a nice addition to the Ghostbuster family. This movie is also a fine example of a female lead movie, it was humours, has some good action scenes and special effects and gives us a bit of nostalgia. You may even see a few of the originals in there 😉

I give Ghostbusters 3 movie punches.

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Our third movie instalment came in the shape of Suicide Squad.

The trailer for this movie was one of the best we had seen in awhile – and I think pretty much everyone else thought so too. A burden that comes with having such an amazing trailer is that the movie sadly didn’t quite live up to it. I still really enjoyed it but it just didn’t quite deliver.  An interesting concept of creating a team with some of the baddest people out there to try and do some good, this movie will appeal heavily to comic book and action fans.

Overall this movie gets 3 movie punches.
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Movie number 4 was Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

A silly film with some big laughs this film definitely made me chuckle. I am a fan of Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Rec’s ( If you haven’t see this show then stop reading and go watch it, and then come back to reading ), so I was excited to see this film.

In a crazy beer keg nutshell brothers Dave and Mike Stangle can’t help but accidentally ruin family occasions. With their baby sister getting married, Mike and Dave are set the challenging task of find two ‘wholesome’ ladies to bring as wedding dates… But the lucky winners might not be who they say they were.

Some big laughs in this Hangover and Knocked Up style film. Scoring 3 movie punches

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And then I finished it off with Finding Dory.

13 years in the making this little beauty did not disappoint. Although this film follows on from Finding Nemo you don’t have to have seen the first movie to enjoy this pixar masterpiece. Warming, cute, comical and a treat for all, this is a must see.

This film gets a nostalgic 4 movie punches.

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