Just all the Disney animals.

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Just all the Disney animals.

Lately Disney has released a few animal movies, it’s like the noah’s ark of cinema. I’m not complaining as I am a massive animal lover and I thought it would be best to combine my movie reviews for all the other animal lovers out there.

Our first stop is Zootropolis
Zootropolis, Cineworld, Movie, Movie Punch Review

An easy to watch feel good film that will  keep the parents ( or us big kids ) entertained as well as the kids.

Like all animated films there themes the are cleverly explored to help teach  children lessons, but don’t worry it’s not in your face with a ‘love each other’ and ‘no one’s an underdog’ kinda vibe.

Judy Hopps ( Ginnifer Goodwin ) is a bunny who aspires to be a cop in the big animal metropolis known as Zootropia. Up until now being a police officer has been a predators job, but against all odds Hopps becomes the first rabbit to join the force. Partnering up with a sly fox ( Jason Bateman ) she sets out to solve a mysterious case of animals going feral.

Some mild peril partnered with witty one lines and an overall good humour lever I would highly recommend this film.

I give this movie a full 5 movie punches.

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Jungle Book.

Jungle Book, Movie, animals

Jungle Book is our second Disney animal feature. Neel Sethi is the only human actor in this feature and although this is a CGI/animate picture, Jungle Book is on another level when it comes to graphics.

The CGI for this film is unreal. I know special effects have been used in most movies over the last few decades but this movie has some of the most realistic CGI I have seen.

Following the story from the much loved book and Disney film from 1967  – Mowgli ( Sethi ) is raised by a pack of wolves and as time passes Shere Khan  ( Idris Elba ) fears Mowgli will grow in the ways of man and due to this seeks to end his life.  Guided by the wise and protective Bagheera ( Ben Kinglsy ) he meets the lovable Baloo ( Bill Murray ) and learns some important life lessons on a journey of self discovery.

I enjoyed the film but it wasn’t my favourite. The behind the scenes green screen and animation effects are well worth a watch also. Behind the scenes footage.

I give the film a good solid 3 movie punches.

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