Body Meets World American Trip Continued..

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Body Meets World American Trip Continued..

So here is my second instalment of my American Trip.

Going into my second week here I felt more settled and able to make more of a normal schedule ( by normal I still mean erratic and crazy but enjoyable). I made a point to schedule seeing friends around class, as my first week was more of a crazy non stop eating and drinking blur with catching up with 10 friends.

Except for one rainy day the weather was still amazing. I am loving the health craze right now in NYC, all you need is a juice in your hand or a yoga mat and you fit right in. By now I had  done a handful of classes from the scheme – Including Vinyasa Yoga, Pure Barre, Circus Fitness, I had had my second TV hosting class at Actors Connection and taken 6 dance classes across Broadway Dance Centre and Steps. So needless to say I had been pretty active this week and my body hated me for it  (this was pretty much me for my entire trip )

My friend Romina from my second and final cruise ship contract came down to visit me for her birthday weekend :). We ate good food, explored Little Italy, shopped in the village, had a lovely sweet bun from China town and discovered an all year round christmas shop with a lady who worked there having with the most uncheery disposition you could imagine.

We also went and saw Hedwig and had a fantasitc night at the Comedy Cellar: ( click on the link for my reviews )
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Comedy Cellar

I had the great pleasure of catching up with one of my dear friends Matt Pardo. Although we may not see each other every year we do have the pleasure of catching up as often as we can due to one of us travelling and I am so thankful for this. He is/has been dancing in the Lucinda Childs Company for years now and they have been to England a few times. They are a great company with lovely members and showcasing some great dance pieces – definitely try and check them out if you can.

I had the displeasure of trying to get an Iphone 6. When I asked at the Apple store one evening I was told to come in the morning at 8am and I would more then likely get one. So I got up at 7am the next morning and left by 7.30am. Got to the Apple store on 59th and 5th at 7.50am!! Only to be told they had all sold out and I have to get there in the morning at 6am. It got worse from there with me being misunderstood by the Apple automated phone response system( due to my accent ) and being sent to another store…. needless to say I was still minus an Iphone  at this point ( until vegas anyway)

I got to see one of the funniest girls I know Lauren Kester who managed to get me a little tour of SNL… Processed with Moldiv

One of the best parts of this trip is actually just staying with my friends. My first week was with Marisa and Matt and on occasion her parents and then I went and stayed with my friend Sean. Staying with Sean was awesome and every night pretty much ended up with me getting in at like 5am :).

From there I had a short stint staying with my friend from my first cruise ship Jenny and her husband Jack.  I was one of their first guests at what was their new place 6 years ago and here I was 6 years later still laughing on their couch and being looked after like a British Prince.

I’ve had some great food in this city and some great restaurants I have eaten at so far are:

Bare Burger
Sugar Freaks – New Orleans Style restaurant in Astoria. I recommend the Pork Boudin and Chicken Friend french fries
Create your own
Pies and Thighs
Vanessa’s Dumplings  – Williamsburg and Union Square
Amelie – Near Washington Square Park


Make sure to check out my videos of my trip as well on my youtube page:

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