Apps to make a freelancers life easier and hAPPier.

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Apps to make a freelancers life easier and hAPPier.

Being a workaholic and freelancer is a deadly combo and basically means that I hardly have any spare time. I know a lot of people in London suffer from heavy work schedules and even when they are on the go they want to maximise their time and productively.

Here are a few apps that have really helped me to be productive whether it’s dashing from one place to another,en route to an audition or while sat waiting for a train – TFL delays have really helped me to get through my workload haha. These apps have helped me apply for jobs last minute, complete invoices on the go and create documents while travelling and therefore freeing up my evenings and giving me back some much needed ‘Me time’.

St@sh, App, StorageStash – Stash is great for storing documents, photos and whatever else you need. As a performer it is great to store your CV/Resume,  head shots and any other important documents. Within 2 steps you are able to select all the items you wish to send and then send it in the form you want to – email, message etc. Saves you so much time as you don’t need to search for each individual item in previous emails etc.

City Mapper, App, Iphone

CityMapper it’s a given that most people know of this app but for darting about town this app paired with google maps have really helped save me plenty of time on travel. It also gives you a keep dry route if raining, which really comes in handy when living in England.

Dropbox, App, IphoneDrop Box
– There are many apps that allow you to transfer content from your computer to other devices, but Dropbox is free and easy to use. With the Dropbox app, you can access and share important files on the go and download bigger files and store them in the app. Great for when sending music and videos for gigs and auditions.

yplan, App, Iphone, android

YPLan – Exactly, why plan? Some of the best nights out are when you just go with the flow. This app is great for telling you what’s on that day and how much. Great for discounted things to do and great for last minute entertaining ideas.


Pages, App, IphonePages –  Depending on what memory you have on your phone this little app will help you whip up an important document in no time. Probably not ideal to write a 800 page novel on but hey it might work for someone.


Tiny Scan, App, IphoneTiny Scanner – A simple app to help scan and email/message over those needed documents. I find it helpful for scanning in contracts that need to be signed asap and scanning in travel receipts and documents for your taxes.


Invoice2go, App

Invoice2go. Does what it says on the tin. Great for freelancers. You can basically edit the invoice template in minutes and send it straight over to your employer as soon as the event or gig is over.



Any Do, App, Iphone, List MakingAny Do. If you’re like me and enjoy making a good list this is the app for you. Super easy to compile a list and it has other great features like setting alarms for the task, colour coding, linking it to other memos, adding contact details from your address book and so much more. With an easy swipe to complete function when done, you get that little sense of satisfaction as you tick off your list.

Daily Free Water, App, Iphone, Hydration

This app is more to help with your productivity. It sounds stupid but most people don’t drink enough water so – Daily Free Water is a great app to help you regulate how much water to drink and when you have drunk enough. You will be surprised how much water you don’t drink through the day and to be the most productive you need a clear mind and focus.

let me know if you recommend any other apps and time management ideas and I will give them a try :).

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