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Having a day off for me is very rare and I am slowly but surely getting better at not letting the ‘freelance’ work ethic bleed into my downtime.

My dear friend Rhiannon, who I met while out working in Japan, was back home in England for a short while. Having never been to Bath and with her living just an hour outside it seemed like a nice reason to escape London for the day and we can now successfully add Bath to our Tokyo, London and Dubai rendezvous’s.

Having never used before I can safely say it is easy to use and has some great deals. Costing me a total of £16.50 booking the day before it was a lot cheaper then booking a train which would have set me back around £60. It took about 3 hours on the way there but we did hit a little snow and 2.5 hours on the way back. I had a good book and snacks in hand so this journey was a doddle. With only 3 other people on the bus on the way up there and 8 on the way back everyone had plenty of room.

It was a rather cold and snowy/sleety wednesday in February but it made Bath more picturesque.

Receiving a bear like hug from Rhiannon we set off Looking for shelter and a good place to catch up ( as the last time we saw each other was in 2013 in Dubai ) we took refuge in a lovely coffee shop called – The Cosy Club.

Beautifully quirky and well priced we set up shop here for 2 hours.  We had brunch, they have an extensive menu and the staff are super friendly. Definitely worth a tea or snack if you are there.

From there we decided to go cultural and take in the sights of Bath.

Bath is beautiful and although it was a lot smaller then I expected it to be it was stunning. For £14 you can do a self guided tour of the iconic ‘Baths’ with interactive information points and they even have a Roman Solider in costume roaming the area adding that extra element of fun.
Other things to check out are –
The Royal Crescent
The Circus
Jane Austen Museum
Fashion Museum and there is much more.

Bath town centre almost looked like a movie set with its cute buildings and cobbled roads.  Despite it’s historic beauty it has a whole host of your regular shops like – The Apple Store, Zara etc etc.
For a fun and cost efficient day out it is definitely worth it and I shall be trolling sites such as Mega Bus to see where else I could get to for a cheap fare.

To find out more about Bath why not have a look at –

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