Batman VS Superman

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Batman VS Superman

So it was up there with Star Wars as one of the most anticipated films of the year or of the last few years.  So, what did everyone think?

Despite opening to one of the biggest grossing box office takings, it has received mixed reviews… I myself was just whelmed by it. I wasn’t overwhelmed or underwhelmed but just whelmed.

On paper it has the makings to be a smash hit – It has a talented cast, some iconic superheroes and a high budget.

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So the synopsis in a lycra suit covered superhero nutshell is…. A conflict of interests between the way both Batman and Superman deal with villains and with this, what does the world need from a Hero? The movie sees Ben Affleck as the Batman to Henry Cavill’s Superman. Lex Luther, played by Jesse Eisenberg, orchestrates a head to head death match while also claiming to be working on a project that will protect the world from interstellar threats. We are also introduced to the world of Meta Humans, a prominent feature from Wonder Woman and a little preview of some other known Justice League members – Cyborg, The Flash and Aqua Man.

So the end part of the movie was the best part. The first hour or so is pretty slow moving, yes I know you have to build the story but there are a lot of slow motion and lingering shots that could have been made shorter.

I enjoyed the dark cinematography of the movie, which gave it a more of a realistic touch. The addition of Wonder Woman was great to see, and paves the wave for the Justice League Movie.

I’m not gonna sit here and tell you what was terrible or what was great in hopes for you to either watch it or not, as let’s face it the majority of people are going to watch this film because of what it is.

I was hoping to give it a higher rating due to my fan boy childhood but Batman VS Superman only scores a solid three punches from me.
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Check out the trailer if you haven’t seen the movie already:

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