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Comedy Cellar October 5th 9.45pm..

After a lovely evening dinner me and Romina went to queue up and see a show at the famous Comedy Cellar on Macdougal street in the village. Thinking “sure it’s a sunday, it won’t be busy we will get in” off we trotted… our mistake. Having stood in the standby line for 45mins to see the 8pm show we were sadly turned away…. but lucky for us being turned away turned out to be the best thing to happen to us.

We made sure to be the first people to sign up on the standby list for the 9.45pm showing and this allowed us to gain prime seats right by the stage :).

Patience is a virtue as we sat down for a good evening of comedy. The line up looked great and I was excited to see that Judah Friedlander was one of the guest comedians, being a big fan of 30 Rock I couldn’t wait to see him.

While waiting for Judah to come on stage we surprised by the guest appearance of Aziz Ansari!!! I love Parks and Recreation so I was in awe, I do believe this made me and my friend Romina ‘high five’ when he came on stage haha. Selling out Maddison Square garden the following week how lucky were we to see him perform for  $14 and a 2 drink minimum.

So we had some great comedians, we had Aziz and then Judah – both just being themselves and pure comedy gold. Aziz’s energetic humour and wit saw him trying out some new material he was working on for letterman. Judah gave us dry and sarcastic off the wall humour. Thinking the night couldn’t get any better… Louie CK pops in to surprise us!! The audience could not stop laughing ( which is a good job seeing as we were in a comedy club ). In total the evening cost me $30.

$30 bucks to see some of the current best comedians in the world!!

I can’t recommend the comedy cellar enough. Either prebook/ reserve or if you happen to find yourself free on a sunday night or any other night why not just pop along and go on standby… You won’t be disappointed. And if you are I want to hear about it 🙂

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