Curtain Up Exhibition

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Curtain Up Exhibition

The V and A is my favourite london museum – The Victoria and Albert Museum,  which is located in South Kensington, and recently they had a great new exhibition for theatre folk called Curtain Up.

‘This exhibition is a true celebration of the skill that goes into the stage and manages to capture all the excitement of live performance’

Richard Brownlie-Marshall, Huffington Post

The Curtain Up exhibition celebrates 40 years of theatre from West End to Broadway. The exhibition recently closed in London, but don’t fear you can catch the exhibition stateside at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts this Autumn.


Curtain Up exhibition

Tackling some of the great musicals and beyond from Chorus Line to Matilda, War Horse to Shakespeare you are giving an insightful ‘backstage’ look at the musicals and industry of showbiz. You are able to see recorded interviews with some of the lead creatives in the industry as well as stage models and drawings of  famous productions and costumes.



The ‘West End’ and ‘Broadway’ are staples in London and NYC , helping to bring in mass revenue from tourists,fans and locals as well as add culture and creativity. Being in the performing arts industry myself it was very nostalgic and inspiration to get a closer look at so many wonderful productions. Celebrating 40 years since the Olivier Awards were inaugurated I hope the exhibition also opened the eyes of the general public as to what goes in to making a show.

They even let you try on some old school theatrical costumes.

Make sure to check out other exhibitions at the V and A and you can find out more information about Curtain Up here.

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