Dargahi and Body. London Edition '14

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Dargahi and Body. London Edition '14
So where did Dargahi and Body start you say?
Well myself and the lovely Marisa met out in Japan while we were both working for Tokyo Disney, in the show Big Band Beat at the Tokyo Disney Sea theme park. It was March of 2011 and Marisa had only bee there for a week or so before the earthquake hit. Scary first impression of a new country right !?! 

(Here is a link to an article I wrote  about my time in Japan My personal account of year in Japan. – Definitely worth a read if I do say so myself. )

During this time ( see attached link for my article on my time in Japan ) we were flown home for a few weeks until things in Japan settled. Luckily that did not deter either of us and as soon as we could we were both back out there in the amazing country that is Japan!!!. 

One of the only positives of the earthquake situation, is that it quickly helped form friendships between casts and all employes at Tokyo Disney. Being thrown together in a situation like this really brought everyone that much closer.

Between our earthquake friendship ( Seeing each other at our worst due to being on water rations etc), moving furniture to and from our apartments in Japan and being in the same show together, our friendship blossomed into the powerhouse that was ‘Dargahi and Body’. ( Our last names for anyone who didn’t get it )

A prime example of Dargahi and Body is when we would be set challenges ( daily ) by other cast members such as to make an outfit out of 3 items found in the changing room. Each of our parents and siblings start with the same letter as the other ones set, being interviewed 3 times in one day as we walked around Tokyo by 3 different TV shows, and regular trips to the Onsen.

Between me going to New York in the June of 2012, Marisa’s London 2012 trip and Skype, we have been pretty darn good at seeing each other and keeping in touch, keeping our friendship going strong.

So after a little history catch up about Dargahi and Body we are now on the ‘2014 Keeping up with the Dargahi’s London Edition’. With David, Marisa’s brother going to university in Scotland, the Dargahi Clan took a UK trip prior to him starting the new academic year. ( and in true Dargahi and Body fashion it happens to be just a month before I get to the states. We might not see each other in person for two years but when we do we make it last like 3 months. )

Marisa had been to England several times before so we didn’t need to worry about sightseeing and hitting up the tourist hotspots. With hours spent catching up over coffee and drinks, we hit the pavement hard with walking pretty much all of zone 1 during her week long visit.

We managed to see two shows together , at bargain rates may I add ( click the links below to see my reviews) :
Let the Right one in, at the Apollo Theatre : Let the right one in.
Pajama Game, at the Shaftsbury Theatre:  Pajama Game


Pretty much eating our body weight in Japanese food, scones and Pub lunches, exploring the culture of London via the Tate Modern, walking pretty much everywhere, crazy nights out in Soho and powering through the rain to  fully jam pack our week together, we successful had an awesome #DargahiAndBody time!! :). 

Trying to get on this Vlogging, Blogging, Clogging thing – here is a short video I made of the week – It’s my first attempt at it so forgive anything you don’t like and let it be known with the things you do like 😉 

It was hard to try edit this video to not make us look like we were a couple haha, so after a few attempts – here is the end product:


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