Deadpool. A movie review.

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Deadpool. A movie review.

My first 5 punch movie review of 2016.!

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Deadpool, marvel, movie. action filmFor those of you who don’t follow my other movie reviews – I am a massive Marvel and comic Book movie fan.

Deadpool has been taking the box office by storm, currently grossing $260 million in its first week stateside, it is now gaining more momentum internationally. Cleverly marketed as a super hero rom com and released over the Valentines Weekend, I myself went with my partner to see it on Valentine’s Day.

Ryan Reynolds is not shy when it comes to a superhero movie, having appeared in both The Green Lantern and The Wolverine, and it’s safe to say that neither of these were his best performances. Deadpool on the other hand, easily washes away any superhero shame and also openly takes punches at his previous superhero outings.

This is more of an unconventional superhero film. The start with, there is no proverbial ‘fourth wall’ and along with some of the camera shots it plays homage to the comic book format.

In a tightly packed superhero costume of a nutshell the premise of Deadpool –  A wise cracking chatterbox former Special forces operative, Wade/Deadpool (reynolds ),  who has since turned to being a mercenary meets the love of his life Vanessa ( Morena Baccarin). Being diagnosed with multiple areas of inoperable cancer, Wade Robson’s only way of any possible salvation is to subjected to a rogue experiment that after severe torturing leaves him with accelerated healing powers, and thus adopting the alter ego Deadpool.

Deadpool, superhero, hollywood, Marvel Comics, action film

Great action sequences, but also a narrative with a good driving force and all partnered with some great off kilter humour. It really is a superhero movie like no other. Because of this you are either going to love it or hate, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. You also see some other X-Men characters as well for those of you more hardcore X-Men fans.

Die Hard meets Wolverine meets Sin City meets Kick Ass and sealed with witty one liners and comical timing.

Deadpool gets a solid 5 movie punches from me.
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Make sure to see it on the big screen near you and until you get the chance to check it out why not look at this kick ass trailer.



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