Fantastic Four. ( A movie Review)

Fantastic Four. ( A movie Review)

Fantastic Four. Starring Miles Teller, Jamie Bell, Kate Mara, Michael B Jordan. UK Release  August.

So you may have gathered by now that I am a massive comic book fan but the last two marvel instalments ( Ant Man and now Fantastic 4 ) Just haven’t been hitting the same fulfilment factor for me. I’ve not been overwhelmed or underwhelmed by them… just whelmed.

With a new spin on the Fantastic Four comic book series, the movie starts with us being introduced to a bright young Reed Richards ( Miles Teller), who is befriended by Benjamin Griffin (Jamie Bell) at school as they join expertise to make one of Richard’s lab experiments. Years later and Richards and Grimm are discovered by Franklin Storm ( Reg.E Cathy) and Sue Storm (Kate Mara) at a science fair.  With the combined efforts of all parties, including a scientific genius Viktor a Von Doom (Toby Kebell) they manage to crack inter dimensional travel. If you follow the comic books you know that Von Doom is one of the Fantastic Fours most challenging Supervillians.

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Some good special effects in the movie although most of the action happens towards the end of the movie and is short lived. I understand the importance of setting up the characters past etc but I feel that this movie is purely in place to have a sequel and establish itself in the development of the Marvel Universe.

Was a brave attempt to change such a long running comic book. I’m different on what they changed but why try and fix something if it’s not broken.

Sadly only scoring 3 punches.

Punch, Body Movie Punch, fistPunch, Body Movie Punch, fistPunch, Body Movie Punch, fist

IMDB page for Fantastic Four.

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