Fun and free in London!

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Fun and free in London!

Twilight music festival – Canary Wharf.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, London is one of the best cities( in my opinion ) in the world. I often forget to stop and appreciated what an amazing city it is, as i’m sure a lot of Londoners do.  It’s not until I have friends visiting from out of town/ from overseas who stop and take photos of everything!!! or like the other night when my dear friend Katie happen to catch me on a night off and mentioned this free event. Who doesn’t love fun and free ay!

A Jersey Boys meets Grease meets Rock ‘n’ Roll live music outdoor festival and all in zone 2 ! Armed with half a chicken and a few G and T’s, me and my friends set up camp.

Oh, I forgot to mention we had a very talent friend (Anna)performing in the show as well –  which made the evening that much more enjoyable.

It was so nice to see to see different generations and nationalities dancing together and enjoying their evening. Not an empty patch of grass anywhere and surprisingly hardly an rubbish left afterwards. Like a drive by musical event it started and ended smoothly leaving the crowd wanting more. I’m not sure how so many people knew about the event but I am glad that I found out about it and it made me make a new rule – to research and find free events like this in London. It really was such a nice relaxing evening and even though it was smack bang in the middle of the business district we couldn’t have been more chilled and in a little 1940s-1960s time-hop bubble.

I happen to live quite close to Canary Wharf  and I am for sure to keep my eyes on the website for more free fun events:

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