Fury at the Soho Theatre

Fury at the Soho Theatre

A modern day Greek tragedy.

Fury is playing at the Soho Theatre till July 30th and has a running time of 70 minutes.

I was fortunate enough to attend a special press media call ( Thanks to London Theatre Bloggers) for Soho Theatre’s Fury on Saturday July 9th. Through this event me and a series of other writers were able to meet the cast and creatives and get a deeper insight into the show and the creation process. It’s quite a rare opportunity to get this level of insight and it made the whole experience that much more enjoyable.

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Emerging Through the Soho Theatre’s young writers award Phoebe Eclaire-Poweel was the 2015 winner and in partnership with Damsel Productions and directed by Hannah Hauer-King Fury is brought to life at the Soho Theatre.

When asked why Fury? Eclaire-Powell explained how she loved the concept of the Greek furies. “Three voices out for Justice, each with a different opinion’” she goes on “both you and the cast will leave the show exhausted”.  Hauer-King also added that “two of the most powerful emotions and feelings are shame and fury, and both make up the key elements of our show”

I also wanted to know more about the audition and rehearsal process. Naana Agyei-Ampadu talked about their short 3 ½ rehearsal period and  how “they found this refreshing. We only had 70 minutes to tell this story and this shorter rehearsal period kept it fresh and didn’t give us chance to overthink it or get jaded on the process.”

The upper studio has been transformed into a transitional space moving from apartment to nightclub to school and back round again. With key items placed around the space we the audience were easily taken on this journey with the cast.

Pre show we also met the designer who showed us the original scaled down model. The space has been cleverly used to pay homage to Greek theatre but with a modern spin. Overhead light panels  helping to highlight certain locations more than others…
Fury, Play, Soho Theatre

“ The low ceiling helped to accentuate the idea of life and pressure closing in on Sam”. Anna Reid

The story sees Sam,played by Sarah Rudgeway, a single mother of two at the age of 25 and is still very much in love with her ex Rob, played by Daniel Kendrick among many other characters. A Peckham housing estate is our main scene and this is where we also meet Sam’s upstairs’ post graduate neighbour Tom, played by Alex Austin. As the show develops we go from comedy moments and awkward friendships to exploring themes of motherhood, love, depression and entrapment.

Sarah Ridgeway, Alex Austin, Naana Agyeo-Ampadu, Daniel Kendrick and Anita-joy Uwajeh
Sarah Ridgeway, Alex Austin, Naana Agyeo-Ampadu, Daniel Kendrick and Anita-joy Uwajeh

Fury shows a darker side to parenthood and the trials and tribulations that can happen. It’s not all cupcakes and picnics in the park…

Ridgeway taps into some heavy emotions as the show goes on and at times it’s hard to see if  Sam is the victim or if she brought it all upon herself? Austin’s portrayal of Tom slightly reminded me of Sam from Curious Incident of the night. Verging on tell tale signs of Asperger’s Tom goes from incident to crazed and controlling.

The Greek chorus of Naana, Daniel and Anita are great as they multirole throughout the show and lend some great vocals to the piece as well. The show has a heavy integration with music which is a unique selling point with this plau.

A lovely piece of writing that poses for great viewing.


CREATIVE TEAM                                                                         Cast
Writer -Phoebe Eclair-Powell                                    Sam -Sarah Ridgeway
Director -Hannah Hauer-King                                  Tom- Alex Austin
Designer- Anna Reid                                                   Woman -Naana Agyei-Ampadu
Lighting Designer – Natasha Chivers                      Man -Daniel Kendrick
Music and Sound – Nathan Klein                             Fury -Anita-Joy Uwajeh
Casting Director -Nadine Rennie CDG
Teaser Trailer:

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