The Great British baby bake off...

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The Great British baby bake off...

I recently got to review the show ‘ In The Gut’ by Les Femmes Ridicule for You can read my review below or head over to remotegoat to check it out.

Coming straight from the Brighton Fringe Festival and the London Clown Festival – In the Gut is on a mini tour and have currently set up their ‘TV studio’ at the Blue Elephant Theatre till June 18th.

                                         Make sure to check them out:baby bake off, Les Femmes Ridicule

Think of this show as Lorraine Kelly meets Mel and Sue in a hilarious and slightly volatile showcase. This two woman 55 minute show manages to catch your attention and keep you going as it explores themes of Motherhood, loss, pregnancy, friendship and TV production.

In this cheeky version of the great baby bake off we meet our bonny Scottish host Judith Jerry and our European French host Marie Chantal du Pape.

The Les Femmes Ridicule TV chef show takes you on  a hilarious journey playing on pregnancy clichés and the idea of the ‘perfect’ TV hosts. As the show progresses, amongst the humour we soon see the complications that can come with pregnancy. Tackling the taboo subjects surrounding pregnancy we see not just the physical complications but also how it can affect you mentally and they also tackle the important question “what if I don’t kids, what if I just want a dog?”

Les femme Ridicule, baby bake off

You can see that a lot of time and research has gone into this production. The audience are educated in both current and old birthing methods as well the more hard hitting portrayals of depression and hardships that come with pregnancy which seem very lifelike for the brief lapses in which they are shown.

Breaking the 4th wall the audience are brought into the TV show and at times into the ‘womb’. I myself was plucked from the back of the bleachers to try and put a diaper on a ‘child’ – I use this term loosely as I chased a fully grown female baby around the stage trying to put a diaper on them within a minute. Another chap from the audience ‘Theo’ had the pleasure of re-enacting the cervix during childbirth… poor Theo.

baby bake off, Les Femmes Ridicule

I think this show would also be a good way to highlight these themes to children in an educational capacity. Much like Sea World if you sit in the front few rows you are in the splash zone… Have a guess at what fluids they may be…

A colourful hysterical and slightly ridiculous show for everyone. I left with a better knowledge of pregnancy and birthing and strangely mildly hungry.




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