Halloween in NYC

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Halloween in the UK is not that much of a major holiday, don’t get me wrong it’s great for children and shops do stock costume and candy but it is nothing compared to Halloween in USA.
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Being in NYC for Halloween I had to do something…. well it would have helped if I actually made some plans.

In a last min slap dash plan me and two friends were off to the parade. Being herded like cattle when we got there we ended up walking in the parade!!!

I would heavily suggest walking in the Parade if you get the chance. Not only is this a great way to meet new people but there is no better way to experience Halloween in NYC. Sandwiched between Batman and a Vampire, turning round to face Cyclops from the X-Men holding hands with a Powerpuff girl we walked the whole parade route taking amazing photos and being a victim of the spectators cameras as well. Seeing people squashed up against the barriers I was glad we were walking in the parade. We even got to walk along side the guest of honours float and see Whoopi Goldberg!

The night just got more random from there with us going to several other bars and clubs. Having made some amazing new friends on this trip we ended up accompanying them to a gym that was converted into a horror/karaoke venue with an open bar and was home by 6am. Which was not wise as I had to be up at 8am to get a coach to New Jersey …



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