Have the ideologies of Hollywood and the media heightened the expectations of today's society?

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Have the ideologies of Hollywood and the media heightened the expectations of today's society?

The media has a huge impact on how we live our lives. It helps us make decision on what to buy, what to wear, it helps us form opinions and values, as well as increases our knowledge and the ability to see the world from the comfort of our homes.

Due to its wide coverage across many avenues such as newspapers, magazines, internet, and TV etc it has become far to easy to be to overwhelmed by all the information and the messages that we receive through the media. The pressure placed on society today from media and other outlets has left us as an era without individuality and identity.

Our grandparents come from a time where you would ‘court‘ someone first then eventually that would lead to a long lasting ‘happy marriage’. I am not saying that the media has negative connotations of marriage and love etc. But I believe that we are told to idolise scenarios/concepts and celebrities and yet the success rate of celebrity marriages are very low.

Being in an MTV generation where everything is at a click of a button and nothing seems out of your reach, have we become too reliant on media to provide us with what we need or what we ‘think we need’?

We are influenced in so many areas of our lives, sometimes without even knowing it. For instance, I at times feel hollywood has ruined my perception of dating and romance. As a romantic myself I feel my standards have been heightened to the point where my hopes get raised at the first sign of interest with a story snowballing in my head of where our lives will go and then sadly diminished when dating in London is just casual. A few dates here and there and then schedules start to conflict and before you know it the excitement is gone and it’s over.

I’m all about positivity and seizing the moment but…. who spills coffee on someone in a cafe and through a series of unfortunate but comical events finds out that the person who they spilt coffee on ( in theory burning !! ) is actually, in fact their soul mate – Who does that!!!.

This is just one scenario movies have built me up for and lucky for the people of London I have not yet begun throwing around hot coffee to test this, but still.. I’m pretty sure that if someone can pry themselves away from their phone or iPad to look up at you in a coffee shop, and if you smiled and did the slow motion movie walk as you approached them they would either laugh, ignore you or possible confront you for being somewhat odd.

I’m a big advocator of if you are unhappy change what makes you feel like that, so I understand people getting divorced and remarried etc but nowadays people jump into relationships and marriage like its going out of fashion. Celebrates have Disney styled fast pass weddings and the people who idolise those celebrities without knowing them think if they get married so should they. A lot of these celebrities who without their status you wouldn’t look at twice if you passed them on the street.

With the ever increasing work loads people put themselves under nowadays , its no wonder that romance has become more about practicality and convenience rather then true diehard love and special moments. People also believe that if you work every hour under the sun that is ‘success’ or life’s perception of it. You should try to do something that you love and are passionate about not what you are told to do.

Online dating sites are now a lot more mainstream, if you are putting in an average 12 hour work day, 5 to 6 days a week where else are you going to meet people?. I fully encourage online dating as some people don’t have the confidence or even time due to work to approach people in the real world, but that being said some people know how to take a good picture or put a positive spin on an unhealthy obsession if you know what I mean. I like the term ‘Keyboard worries’. These are the people that are all so confident to type or text away and seem witty etc but once you meet them in person they are dull and dry.

The rise in popularity of reality TV has prompted us to be a nation of ‘be who we are’ which I think is great but due to this, it means that sometimes peoples’ take on reality is distorted as – ‘if they can why can’t I’. For instance with some talent based reality shows people who train their entire lives for a job are pipped to the dream role by someone who just happened to get famous by purely being from Essex etc. Some of these people are then made out to be role models etc and if they do one thing that isn’t to the publics liking they are then branded unsuitable for being on TV, where at the end of the day they are just being themselves and doing what they were originally thrust into the limelight for.

In regards to forming a fashion identity we are either living in the past with our parents clothes coming back into a ‘retro‘ style phase or with Lady Gaga style extremism being a fashion norm. I am honestly all for – wear what you want and be who you are so I do thank the media for bringing certain issues up but it would also be nice if we brought back some of the old traditions and values of our grand parents generation and traditions as a country that we used to have, not just the clothes. Fashion is such a staple in the media today – with trend setting and helping to establish people. Wearing certain brands give off certain connotations in society, such as high-end labels establishing a feel that only the rich and famous wear them and more common street brands just having the ‘every body’ wear value. What you wear along with many other youth based media fads – like who you listen to etc really play heavily on the younger generation helping to establish there character and slot in their social group. This has both positive and negative effects. Common interests help bring people together and form friendship but also if you don’t fit in with the ‘crowd’ you can be branded as an outsider or even possibly bullied. It seems as if you can’t escape media messages these days. Media in all its avenues is an integral part of our lives and society and no one would change that. There is so much power in media that I think we just need to learn to be Media Smart and almost mediate the media and take what you want from it instead of letting it dictate your life. I am very content with my life and will continue to strive for it to be perfect ( a lot of which with ideas left by hollywood and the media) but at the end of the day why shouldn’t I..? Be the change you want and all that. At times I know I need to be more realistic but then I also enjoy the excitement and uncertainty that my life brings.

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