Q&A: Have You Met Abbie Murphy?

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Q&A: Have You Met Abbie Murphy?

So for our third Have You Met? We meet the hilarious and equally gorgeous Abbie Murphy. Dancer turned comedian this blonde haired beauty is one to keep your eye on.


So tell us, what’s your name and where do you come from? ( Totally said like Cilla Black on Blind date ). And where do you live now?

Hi! My name is Abbie Murphy and I’m from Bicknacre (a teeny village in Essex) and I now reside in Blackheath SE London.

So you are a performer turned company owner, specialising in providing talent for Bollywood Movies, and now you are paving your way as a comedian. Tell us a bit more about your journey and how you got to where you are now?

Yes so, I started out dancing from a very young age, did the classic performing Arts school route (Tiffany Theatre College – Essex) Worked in the industry for around 6 years, and happened to do a lot of work involving Bollywood! Completely random, seems it was in fashion when I graduated!

I ended up working out in Mumbai on and off for a few years, which introduced me to a lot of directors and producers out there. It naturally led into an opportunity to do some freelance casting! I was happy casting for a couple of years, but I still yearned to perform, I just knew in my heart it wasn’t dancing anymore. Equally my idols were never dancers, I’ve always had career envy of stars such as Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Julia Davis, Rebecca Front to name a few, that’s when I realised Stand Up would be my next venture!

So what’s a typical day in the life of Abbie like?

Main objective of every day is fitting in as much writing as I can! This doesn’t always happen, but at least if it’s the aim I’ll def get some done every week! Bit of hot Yoga too if I’m lucky, fitting it in around earning pretty pennies!

What did the little 5 year old Essex girl Abbie want to be when she grew up? Did you ever imagine you would have travelled the world and have appeared in TV and Film etc?

Abbie Murphy, Oh have a word
A young Abbie Murphy – oh so stylish 😉

As before mentioned, my heroes were all comedy actors and I spent a lot of my childhood dancing singing and acting. So performing, or an ambulance driver, helping people and a license to drive fast ticks boxes for me! I’ve always been ambitious with a curious nature, so yes I reckon I did expect to travel the world, but perhaps not india to the extent of which it has played in my life thus far.

Tell us about your best and/or worst audition?

My best is probably my worse, the day I wore a clip in ponytail to a Bollywood audition, ( As I know how much they enjoy girls with long locks!) The choreography involved a head roll, which I did with conviction causing it to fly off mid audition! It was as funny as it was embarrassing and I got the job 😉 Still makes me laugh, and many others at my expense – always good auditioning with friends, a shared experience 😉 ( Jamie here, I must add that I was in this audition and it was amazing to witness )

How have you handled the transition from one avenue of the showbiz industry to another? So many performers struggle with coming to terms with shifting focus, do you have any words of wisdom?

I wouldn’t say there has been any struggle, but I was so excited to be following my heart to another passion of mine. Plus the passion was stronger than what I had for dancing. I often wonder if my mum and dad had put me into tennis classes would I have wanted to be a pro tennis player? I feel like Dancing was a gift that was given to me, Comedy is the path I’ve chosen for myself. There was a time between those two careers, whilst I was freelance casting, that I was quite confused about if I was walking away from performing for good, and If not, in what capacity would it next be… But honestly I think all you can do is sit it out, say yes to all opportunities, don’t rule anything out, and a path will always present itself.


Is there any advice or quotes you live by?

Richard Branson, “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes, and learn how to do it later” 

I love this quote because, people don’t offer big opportunities to just anyone, so if they have chosen you, say yes because they are better placed to decipher if you are capable! It’s only your insecurity questioning their judgement, so ignore the little voice and say YES!

Tell us something you love about the city you live in?

London town is everything to me, I love this place. My dad is a London Black Cabbie, so lots of the iconic parts of London remind me of him and my childhood, we came up to London most weekends as a family, which I’m super grateful of. The streets are paved with comedy in my eyes, such characters everywhere, it’s the perfect place to people watch! A hobby of mine 😉

Agent or no agent?

I’d have to say Agent! Mine’s a complete hustler and I love her! Hannah Linnen from John Noel Management. As a dancer I flitted between having representation and not, as that sort of work can be obtained by open auditions, knowing the right people etc, but with the acting world, I think agent all the way! John Noel have been amazing at really helping to develop the kind of career I want, rather than just go out there and try get all work any work!

Now that you are a comedian do peoples always ask you to tell a joke?

Errr sometimes, haha but more likely to say “oooo that must be so hard! Especially for a woman!” Which makes me laugh in itself, you’re either funny or you’re not, and I’m pretty sure it burns if you’re on stage and no one is laughing, whether you’re male or female! We all know what they are really saying…. “I don’t find women funny”

So on that note, tell us a joke then *wink emoji*

Why did the washing machine laugh? Because he took the piss out the knickers? 😉

Where would you like to be in 5 years?

In LA haha who wouldn’t? Just happy and earning a living, it’d be nice to be a homeowner also – too far?


Abbie Murphy, Comedian, Essex, Blonde hair, girlAbbie Murphy, comedian, Essex

Where can we see you next perform or find your online?I’m mostly always at Attention Seeker’s Comedy night, it’s in London Bridge at The Horse Shoe Inn pub, a night of free mixed bill comedy, of Sketch
Character & Stand up – Find us on Facebook, or Twitter @AttentionComedy – other than that I’m pretty good at keeping my website up todate!






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