Q&A: Have You Met Eoin Thomas Sharkey?

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Q&A: Have You Met Eoin Thomas Sharkey?

The fourth Have You Met is with Eoin Thomas Sharkey. Let’s learn more about him and his life in New York City.

What’s your name, where do you come from and where do you live now?

My name is Eoin Thomas Sharkey, I was born in California, grew up in Seattle and have lived in New York for 6 years. Well 7 years in may ūüėČ

What do you do and who you are?
I am an Actor, Singer, Dancer and Yoga instructor – all of the above. I want to add a fifth discipline so I can say E) all of the above, is that an option? haha.

What is a typical day in the life of Eoin like?
Getting up and preparing for whatever the day has in store. Sometimes that means waiting to hear if I have any auditions or castings that day. Learning to not getting anxiety driving and learning to be productive on my downtime.¬†(Some great advice for all freelancers).¬†Living in a good location ( Hell’s Kitchen ) means I am able to now get to and from castings and jobs easier, which makes life in NYC much more enjoyable.

One of Eoin’s Youtube videos that he makes in his spare time ūüėČ

Do you have any fun nicknames for the readers to call you by?
People always pronounce my name wrong, Yo-win is a typical mispronunciation. Quite often people just call me Sharky [ I asked, and he did not know of the hit childrens tv show Sharky and George – turns out it is more of a UK show ]

How old were you when you started performing and did you go to college/uni or just go straight out into the world of performing?
I pretty much somersaulted out of the womb and started performing around the house with my sister from a very young age. I did my first show Children and Eden when I was 9 – it was for the local theatre which had a summer stock. In the show I pretty much just did a bunch of one handed cartwheels in a silver unitard.

Later in life I did one year of ¬†a conservatory¬†style BFA programme, and then when coming back from an¬†audition¬†in NYC I felt that school was not a route I wanted to pursue. I didn’t want to be in Seattle any more, I feel school is for some people but for me I felt it was not the journey that would most benefit me. I already had a lot of connections and trying it in the big smoke was the way forward.

What did 5 year old Eoin in Seattle want to do?

Young Eoin-3 copy
A young Eoin looking cheeky as always

In one of my year books I wrote I wanted to be an Actor and a Teacher and here I am. My sister told me that when I was little I used to lead dance classes for friends.

Are you a cat or dog Person?
I’m gonna say i’m a dog people.

What has been your worst and best auditions ?
I definitely remember my worst, it was for Newsies on tour. I knew the Associate Director from taking his class ( Richard Hinds ), I was super excited. When they started the dance I just completely 100% forgot the dance. I thought they said stop so mid turn I stopped, but turns out they were not talking to me. So I was just stood there while everyone else was still going…. I knew straight away that they weren’t going to hire me…
monkey, emoji

Tell us something fun about the city you live in?
I think what I like about NYC is that there are so many hidden spots. You can walk to the same place everyday and find something new or some hidden oasis on the way.

Eoin Thomas Sharkey , nyc, actor, performer

You are a certified yoga instructor, how do you find that fits in with your life as a performer?
I feel that every athlete needs to find what works for them in regards to conditioning. I have found that Yoga is a good way for me to stay in shape with cross conditioning.

I think that with teaching yoga or teaching exercise it can take a while to build up enough classes to make a living , this is due to the effort required to teach a class and build a clientele. It took a good year for me to build up a 10 class a week schedule, which is what I needed to make a living. ¬†It was a lot more time demanding ¬†than I thought it would be when I first started due to the fact that there were so many people trying to do that sort of thing. I realised¬†it¬†wasn’t¬†something¬†I¬†wanted to do forever so at times it is great to take up any gaps in my schedule but then at times it can be too demanding.

Eoin Thomas Sharkey, Yoga, Performer

So describe your fashion and lifestyle?
Hmmmm.. I would say colourful. I feel I change fashion seasonally a lot. I would say Calvin Klein and Ralph lauren are both influences.

Can you give any words of wisdom to performers?
Stop giving advice to people in the audition room! – Peer correction in an audition is not cool. Don’t talk bad about the job while you are on it or at the audition. I feel people take things for granted but someone is always paying attention!

Where can we see you perform next or find you online?

Eoin Thomas Sharkey is all over the web:



You can find him on youtube by clicking on his video below:

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