Q&A: Have You Met... Kylie Smith.

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Q&A: Have You Met... Kylie Smith.

For the next Have You Met interview we go down under and meet Kylie Smith. Currently travelling around the world after a successful two years here in the U.K. I wanted to find out the main differences between ‘show business’ in OZ and in the U.K.


So, tell us what’s your name, where you come from and where do you live now?

My name is Kylie Michelle Smith, I’m from the Gold Coast, Australia and currently I am travelling around the world.

Can you tell us who you are and what you do?

I am a dancer and singer who is now wanting to focus more on a career in film and tv.

Well thanks to speaking to us from the land down under. Is it all Avocados and Kangaroo’s there?

Haha! You forgot to say Vegemite!!

You came to England on the two year Working Holiday Visa and had a very successful 2 years here. Tell us a bit more about your time in England?

Yeah, I moved to London in June, 2013… It was something I had wanted to do for a long time, but other jobs had always taken priority. I was very lucky that things worked out the way they did when I came to the UK. I managed to squeeze in a Panto, a U.K. Tour, a short contract in Germany and Vienna and a TV commercial. I never wanted to leave!!

Kylie Smith                         Kylie in the UK tour of Rock of Ages the Musical.

How did you find the industry over here and how does it compare to the industry back home?

The industry in London is quite different to Australia. I found it difficult to be seen for things at first and I felt like the same people got seen for everything in London, which made it a little frustrating at first. Also, I noticed with Musical Theatre auditions in the U.K that there was a lot more emphasis placed on the singing aspect rather than the dancing, whereas in Australia I find it quite evenly weighed.

You also recently worked on the show We Will Rock You, How was that? 

Yes, I was recently on the Anthem of the Seas performing in We Will Rock You. My U.K visa had run out, so that’s why I initially auditioned.

Have You Met Kylie Smith
Would you recommend it? Was the audition the same process as for a musical in the West End or on tour?

There is a certain stigma attached to cruise ships, which to be honest, is just not accurate anymore. Especially when you’re performing in a musical.  We worked with a lot of the West End creative team, including our director Tony Edge.  The audition was exactly the same as it would be for a London show and several members of the West End cast have gone on to perform in WWRY on The Anthem.

Have You Met Kylie Smith, actress, dancer, female, australia Have You Met Kylie Smith, actress, dancer, female, australia

What did little 5 year old Kylie want to be when she grew up?

5 year old Kylie always wanted to be a performer. I can’t remember wanting to do anything else 🙂
Kylie Smith,

Did you train at a college? If so do you think this is a route aspiring performers should take?
I trained at a performing arts college in Sydney called Brent Street.  It was a 1 year course and I graduated when I was 18 and began working a few months after.  I think college is much more of a “normal” progression for aspiring performers in the U.K. It’s not the same in Australia. If people do decide to train full time, it is usually only for 1 year. It depends on the person, but I think that if you are 18 and booking jobs, that in the end is going to teach you more than college will.

Have You Met Kylie Smith, actress, dancer, female, australia

Tell us something you love about the city you live in?

Since I’m not currently ‘living’ anywhere, I’ll tell you about the city I’m from. We have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and when I was home visiting a few weeks ago, we were averaging temperatures of 28 degrees celsius just 1 week out from “winter” 🙂

Describe your fashion and lifestyle?
My fashion and lifestyle is a mixed bag. I love to travel and challenge myself, so I’m always planning my next adventure and never sat in the one place for very long. I like wearing things that other people don’t have, so I try to collect things from local boutiques in the places I visit.

10556511_1021869174526080_3394060631835101824_n Have You Met Kylie Smith, actress, dancer, female, australia

What is success to you?

Success to me is being able to do what you are passionate about on a daily basis and make a decent living from it.

What has been your best and/or worst audition?
My worst audition was actually for WWRY in town, haha! I went in completely unfocused and thinking about other things and just couldn’t retain the choreography.  I felt like everyone in the room had done the audition at least 5 times prior so that didn’t help either. I got cut first round and probably went to the pub for a big glass of wine!

Where would you like to be in 5 years time?

In 5 years time I would like to have a stable career in film and television.

Kylie Smith  Kylie Smith

Any advice for people in the industry?

My advice is to stop worrying about what other people think! Whether it’s the person on the panel or the person dancing next to you, focusing your energy on them will only detract from your performance.

Well there you have it folks. A great insight into the industry over here from an outsider. You can find Kylie online on her Instagram.

Have You Met Kylie Smith



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