Hedwig and the Angry Inch - The Broadway show.

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“Romina was in town, Romina was in Town!!”

My friend Romina from my Royal Caribbean days flew down (from Canada) to see me for the weekend and to also have a wicked birthday celebration for herself in NYC. First of all…… what an awesome friend, who does that!?! Clearly only the best people do! And I’m so fortunate to have friends like her :).

Among many fun things we did and food we ate we went and saw the Broadway show Hedwig.

So… I had absolutely no idea what this show was about, all I knew is that it had massive hype around it and opened with Neil Patrick Harris. We didn’t see NPH but we did see Andrew Rannells and boy is he a talented son of a bitch. It’s clearly not enough to be an original cast member for the hit Broadway show ‘Book of Mormon’ or star in such hilarious TV shows as The New Normal and Girls, you might as well play a German transvestite and perform the crap out of it in Hedwig too.

A somewhat aggressive at times but great show. It was like an intimate rock concert with some stand up comedy thrown in for good measure. Bless the Japanese couple sat next me as not only did the lady have a pole in front of her (restricted view seats) I don’t think they understood a single thing about the show.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting it to be anything like it was. When I think of a musical I would normally expect a cast of 15-20 members, dance breaks and a crazy fancy set and costume changes.

With a small cast of 6 members, 4 of which were purely band members and backing vocals (but a bloody talented band at that), and one female/male impersonator going by the name of Yitzhak and ‘Hedwig’ himself, I was glad that it didn’t follow the usual musical format.

Such amazing vocals and acting, Rannells talent seems to have no end as he lends his voice to many roles/accents as he retells stories and relives memories of his mother etc. Yitzhak , played by the understudy Shannon Conley for this particular performance, gave a phenomenal performance as well. At first I did not even know she was a woman, so thats some serious acting right there! And when she sang ‘I will always love you’ by Whitney Houston in a scene as if the song was being played on the radio, it bloody well sound like it was Houston on the radio!

The set stays the same with small gradual changes to help move the story on. I’ve never seen a car be used in so many ways other then to drive. Although there were not many costume changes I can imagine it is a fun show to work on in those departments too. Crazy wigs and a mix of rock and glam would really give the costume depart a varied work load.

It was like We will Rock You and Priscilla the Queen of the Desert but at a Comedy club.  If you are looking for a massive kick line and sequin costumes you won’t get them with this show but you will get an abdominal work out from all the laughing and a great night out.

Friends, Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

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