How do you like your franchise...?

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How do you like your franchise...?

2016 seems to be the cinematic year of the franchise. We have some pretty big movies gracing our screens this year and I just don’t know if you’re ready for it…

To start with we had Independence Day Resurgence smashing the doors off our screens on June 23rd. Timely set twenty years after ‘Independence Day’, one of the biggest movies of the 2000’s, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman are joined by Liam Hemsworth in this all out action movie.

Will you be learning how to speak wowwwww!  (see what I did there) with Finding Dory. Pixar have left us waiting 13 years for this, but the wait is almost over my fish fan friends! Finding Dory just keeps swimming onto our screens…

Paging Dr Strange… Who is this man (cue mysterious music, smoke and mirrors) Is he a Surgeon, is he a Gynecologist, is he a Wizard? Maybe a bald Tilda Swinton will help you decide as marvel release another superhero movie.

Make sure to check out this Marvel Mystery October 16th this year.

What’s next I hear you say? I’ll just be mad at myself if I don’t mention this fella. Marvel are being so good to us, so good in fact we are jumping into the future – 2017 gives us Wolverine 3! We have the main man himself Hugh Jackman joined by the English gentleman that is Patrick Stewart in the third instalment of this sagea which surely won’t disappoint.  Sorry for the mild time travel there but no one puts Wolverine in the Corner.

And I know you greedy lot want more franchise films…and what more could there possibly be… How about Star Trek Beyond ( Released July 22nd 2016), Star Wars: Episode 8 ( Released December 2017)  and War of the Planet of Apes (Release July 2017 ) for a starter…

Stay tuned for those bad boys?

With all of that franchise malarkey I want to know what films you would want to bring back to the big screen? What film did you not quite get enough of?  Which leading lady or Man do you want to see in giant screen? Tweet in or comment below and let me know what films tickle your franchise fancy.



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