How to be single. A movie review.

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How to be single. A movie review.

That makes 3 in a row – another 5 punch movie review here.

I know it’s not an Oscar winning film, but How To Be Single is still a feel good movie and definitely worth a watch.

A great example of female talent in Hollywood and how women can easily lead a movie. There is some very talented male actors within the film, but it’s the ladies who make this movie what it is. Although it falls under the rom-com bracket I feel there is more of a universal humor to this movie. I would say a long the lines of the ‘Hangover’  but with a female slant.

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The film focuses on how to be single in a mega city such as New York.  We meet Alice, Robin, Lucy, Meg, Tom and David who are all being ‘single’ in their own way. Whether it’s being a hopeless romantic, a wild child and just up for having fun or just not knowing what you want, the movie shows how the lives of these single people interact and the hilarity that follows.

Rebel Wilson is a comedy genius as we all know, and this films has to be one of her best performances! Some amazing one liners and physical comedy, she is the comedic driving force behind the movie.

Each one of the four female leads have different characteristics,  Alison Brie for instance is the sensible but desperate for love girl who is obsessed with online dating, and her melt down in the children’s book store was a particular favourite scene of mine. I am a big fan of Alison Brie, if you’ve not seen Community you have to check it out.

how to be single, comedy, movie

Leslie Mann  (Meg ) who you would know from other comedy films like This is 40 and Knocked up is the career driven older sister to Dakota Johnson’s character Alice. She is the perfect balance of crazy and humour, beautifully overacting in places but also playing the older wiser sibling. Johnson who has some Selma Blair looks about her is the good girl who wants a more exciting life. Naive and cute she helps the story to evolve as the sheltered college girl gone wild in the city.

The four of them have been perfectly cast and are very believable within the film, pulling on characteristics found in most social groups. I literally laughed out loud in the cinema, much to my partners embarrassment.

This is a must see upbeat feel good movie with some surprising good messages to help you with your life.

See what i’m talking about and watch the trailer here:

A solid 5 movie punches.
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