If/Then the Broadway Musical.

Sat in the audience watching a friend perform surrounded by the Rockettes, thats a pretty good Tuesday if you ask me…

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My Tuesday morning started off with me having no plans at all, so I thought why not go take some dance classes at BDC. As the day slowly progressed I had fully booked out my evening and with what then turned out with me getting home at 4am.My friend Lisa happened to have a spare ticket to the show If/Then, so last minute I rocked up looking a mess from a dance class and there she was, looking beautiful ( as always ) with the rest of the Rockettes who all happened to be watching the show.  ( Yeah she’s a Rockette! )Anthony

I had wanted to see the show If/Then for a while purely as I had a friend in it ( Anthony Rapp). I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony 2 years ago when he was doing his one man show in London  and here I was two years later seeing him on Broadway.

So sitting down and catching up with my friend Lisa, who I had not seen since my last visit in 2012 we soon fell silent as the show begun.

What a show it was!! Tugging on the old heart strings not once but twice as it plays out the story line from two different angles. Such a  clever concept and idea for a musical.

We have all wondered about the ‘What if..’ and the opportunities we may have missed out on. I myself wrote a little diddy on having too many choices-(click link to see the article)  Too many choices..  about how I feel almost frozen by having too many choices etc.

Now back to the show.. Idina Menzel was phenomenal!. A vocal powerhouse and vocally consistent throughout. This role must be exhausting as you are having to play out each scenario not once but twice, giving the same level of vocal power and emotion to each story line. Having such subtle by clever changes in character and image to help with the transition. For example wearing glasses when she is a stay at home mom or no glasses when a high powered business woman.  Her talent and commitment to her character or should I say characters really carriers the show.

Anthony Rapp and Idina are reunited here again after their journey together with the hit Phenomenon show ‘Rent’.  Having this previous history together really shows as the characters lives intertwine in this show and their on stage chemistry shines through.

Much like Idina within the show, Anthony’s stories show him playing two very different characters and the biggest difference in character being his sexual orientation. Providing great vocals and superb acting he really helps both story lines and characters develop.

LaChanze was phenomenal as Kate and I can only imagine how great she was in the Colour Purple.

The choreography was great, pedestrian but still beautifully performed with enough movement for the ensemble to actually dance. With a lot of the ensemble having featured lines I can see that the cast is made up of some strong covers. Larry Keigwin the choreographer did a great job of filling a massive stage without having massive production numbers and kick lines but also keeping the choreography attuned with the style of the show.

Great use of scenery and stage. The rotating platform was a great asset to the show, helping to really showcase the change in storyline/scene.  Other clever elements of the set as how different levels created by platforms or balconies provided the idea of being on a train underground or going over a bridge etc but then within a blink of an eye the set would flip or rotate to show something else. Overall a very thought provoking and emotional show that I hope has a very successful run on Broadway.

The 4am part of the story is probably best not to be explained, lets just say a messy crazy night in the West village followed….



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