Ireland Part 1 - The Blog Post

Ireland Part 1 – The Blog Post

Ireland Part 1 -The Blog Post (but still make sure to check out my video post )


So some of you may know and some of you may not – but after 10 hours of painstaking dancing I finally booked a job backing dancing on The Voice in Ireland. Having come so close in 2014 to getting the contract I was over the moon to finally book the job !!

(Make sure to check out my Video post from the other day as well, but thought I would also back it up here with Ireland Part 1 – The Blog post 🙂 ).

Finding a subletter for my room I uprooted and moved to Dublin Ireland for 7 weeks. Having previously been to Dublin in 2010 but only for a week I was excited to spent more time here and as much as I love London I was excited to get out of the big smoke and to not have to worry about being a freelancer for almost 2 months.

Meeting some of the cast at the airport with an awkward transaction (note to self don’t try and meet someone new as they are going down an escalator and you are yet to step on.), we boarded the plane and an hour of head nodding broken sleep we arrived.

The apartments were much nicer then I expected and having never been to Uni, staying at the DCU ( Dublin University ) I feel like I will be able tick that experience off .

Rehearsals were full out. Felt like I was back at college dancing 8 hours a day and by the time week one was done my body felt like it had been hit by a bus. A weird dancing Irish bus!

Friends, Dancers, Dublin
The Gang 🙂

Dublin City Centre is lovely and although I had been for a week 5 years previously it was like exploring from scratch. Turns out Dublin is bloody expensive. I feel like I spent over a hundred euros in the first 3 days. Our first week happen to also be St Paddys week. Being in Ireland for St Paddys was great. Such an amazing atmosphere and more family orientated then I expected. Else where in the world I think people just see St Paddys as a chance to get drunk but here although you could easily be drunk and merry you could enjoy the tradition and family vibe just as much.

friends,Some good discoveries was :
O’Connel street – One of the main shopping streets.

Butlers coffee – Getting a free chocolate with every hot drink purchased. I would recommend the cookie hot chocolate.

Not having a Repulic of Ireland phone plan I was elated to find that the buses have free Wifi! – Score !

Make sure to check out my video entry and see some of the fun things we did and Stay turned for my next instalment which will showcase our first live show.

Video Entry : Ireland Part 1.


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