Jersy Boys - The original Boy Band.

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Having had the Album, plus a mixture of other Frankie Valli CD’s for a few years now, I am glad to say I have finally seen the Jukebox musical that is Jersey Boys.

Before Backstreet Boys and N’Sync, before Sting and the Police ( god I sound like the intro to Star Wars… A long long time ago in a galaxy far away ).. there was the Four Seasons.
The first point of call would be to praise Steve Orisch and the amazing orchestra, and the very talented acting musicians in the production. As a performer nothing beats the rush and increased performance level that comes with performing to live music. The music was crisp, bright and everywhere you looked you could see members of the audience bobbing their head or tapping their toes along to the music. At times the theatre turned into a pretty large karaoke room with people humming and singing along.
With there being only a few female member of the cast,  I can only imagine how busy and choreographed their backstage traffic must have been, running from side to side of the stage changing costumes and then entering as a different character. That being said all of the female members were great and as a show it is probably a great platform to perform in as you get so much variety due to playing different roles etc.
Me and my Friends Shameem and James
Watching the show as a belated birthday
Michael Watson who played Frankie Valli had such a nice strong voice, hitting those trademark high vocals, which never faltered throughout the entire show. One of the great things about the show is that it tackles the story for the four Seasons by telling it from every members point of view. It was nice to actually learn the story of the band and have an insight to what it must be like  to live in the public eye and how bad record sales or falling in with the wrong crowd can affect you. A notable mention goes to all of the guys Edd Post, Jon Boydon, Matt Nalton for delivered such strong vocals and acting playing the lead characters.
There were no extensive dance breaks, and although the show didn’t need it, as a dancer myself I always look for and enjoy a dance heavy section of a show.
I can imagine the show doing very well on tour ( which it is doing later in the year ) as it is great for hen parties, big groups and for the older members of the public who can not travel down to London.Managing to get day seats at £25 just a few hours before the show , I would recommend this feel good show and with it’s easy to follow story line it is sure to appeal to a wide demographic. 


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