Q&A: Have You Met... Josephine Lee.

Q&A: Have You Met… Josephine Lee.


For our next Have You Met interview we dive into the world of magic…  

No it’s not Harry Potter but it’s the next best thing – Illusionist Josephine Lee.

So tell us what’s your name, where you come from and where do you live now?

Hi, my name is Josephine Lee! Where I come from is difficult to answer as I have never lived in any one place for longer than 5 years. I’m a bit of a nomad! Currently living in the wonderful city of London though.

So what do you do?

 I am a trained dancer and a Female Illusionist/Escapologist.

Josephine Lee, Female IllusionistJosephine Lee, Female Illusionist

So what’s a typical day in the life of Josephine Lee? 

I would love to say that I am up at 6 am every morning running in the park but unfortunately my day starts several hours later as I’m not much of an early bird. I like to slowly wake up with a White Americano. My partner and I enjoy a nice breakfast most mornings at the lovely Italian cafe downstairs. Yoga is a huge part of my life so there is always a yoga session thrown into my daily routine. I am not one for relaxing so most of my days are usually spent working on some form of work project. If I’m working I head to the theatre around 4pm for the evening show. It usually takes me hours to wind down after a show so I normally watch a bit of David Attenborough before falling asleep and starting the process again the next day!

So you are dancer turned magician’s assistant turned illusionist. Tell us more about your journey and how this happened?

In 2008 I was very lucky to get a job as a dancer in one of the world’s biggest magic shows with the world famous magician Hans Klok. The show had just come from The Planet Hollywood Hotel in Vegas featuring Pamela Anderson as a magic assistant. We travelled Europe with the show for 4 months and after the contract finished I moved back to London. A few months later I had a call from Hans asking if I would consider moving to Amsterdam on a permanent basis to take over a role as one of his Divas of Magic. I went out thinking that I would be back in London in a few months’ time and ended up coming back five years later!

There is a real lack of female magicians in the industry and with a lot of encouragement and support from people in this field I then decided to make the transition from assistant to illusionist. It seemed quite a natural progression as I have had so much experience in magic over the past decade. It has been a very exciting journey up until this point and I hope it is about to get even more exciting!

Josephine Lee, Female Illusionist

Impossible is currently at the Noel Coward Theatre and this will be your third time in the West End. Can you tell us more about Impossible? 

Impossible is playing at the Noel Coward Theatre until the 27th August 2016. It is a very exciting show and there really is something for everyone. The show consists of seven magicians, one of which is Richard Jones, winner of “Britain’s Got Talent”.  Each magician provides a completely different magic experience – from card tricks to water escape, a man being set on fire… I don’t want to give too much away but I can promise you will be amazed and entertained by the Impossible team.

Impossible, Josephine Lee

How is it performing in the West End? Is it what you thought it would be?

There is something truly special about London’s West End. There is nothing quite like getting ready for the show and hearing the hustle and bustle outside at the heart of London. It’s an experience that I shall always treasure.

The most exciting part of performing in the West End is that you never know who might be watching the show. You could be performing to some of the most renowned names in the industry and not even know about it!

 What do you like to do in your spare time?

 I am very interested in yoga and healthy living so I spend most of my spare time focusing on creating a healthy balanced lifestyle. I love exercising but I could also very easily spend a whole day in a little cafe reading a book and drinking silly amounts of coffee!

Josephine Lee, Female Illusionist

With Hans Klok you hold the World record for most magic acts performed in five minutes. How is it holding that title? Do people curtsy when they meet you?

That made me giggle, no curtsies unfortunately! Again, it is an extraordinary experience I shall always be grateful for. It was a most exhilarating part of my life – we performed 12 illusions in 5 minutes on live TV and to this day it is yet to be broken. The adrenaline was certainly pumping that day!

Agent or no agent?

Yes, I am with Daredevil Management who are an international management company based in Las Vegas.

What did 5 year old Josephine want to be?

5 year old Josephine wanted to be on stage. I could have been cleaning the stage floor for all I cared as long as I was on the stage!

 Any quotes you live by?

 Be the energy you want to attract 🙂

Josephine Lee, Female Illusionist

Any advice for other performers?

Your happiness should always come first. This industry can be rather tough sometimes and I think it is extremely important to make sure you put your health and happiness first. Be confident and say yes to every work opportunity especially if it scares you, you’ll most likely surprise yourself!

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

I struggle working out what to do next month let alone 5 years from now! I am working on creating a few unique acts of my own and it would be great travelling around the world performing these. I’d like my work to be meaningful, something that people can take inspiration from –  that is the ultimate goal.


You can book tickets and see Josephine Lee Performing in Impossible till August 27th at the Noel Coward Theatre,  find her online at  www.josephinelee.co.uk or on her twitter @Josephine__Lee and her instagram @Josephineleeoffical 

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