Hilarious, wild and jurassically funny

What better why to prepare yourself for the release of Jurassic World then to watch a comedy spoof about Jurassic Park told through the medium of Musical Theatre!?? Flamenco Dancing, more animal hats then I knew existed, props galore and a PMSing T-Rex this, show is hilarious and is well worth a watch.

Taking on iconic scenes from the first movie and pointing out how ridiculous they can be at times, I feel like I need to go back and watch the first movie now.

The stella cast is made up of only 4 actors. Such a great showcase for each performer, the cast bring a whole host of characters,accents and humour to what may seem at first to be an odd choice of film to make into a musical. Each cast member was equally as talented as the next, whether it was Alice Frankham’s amazing accents, Ariane Sallis’s comedic gospel vocals and running, Greg Airey’s flamenco dancing or Matt Lee-steer’s PMS T-rex and rap skills. Each cast member is hilarious and a great asset to the show.

The minimalistic set really adds to the hilarity of the show and I almost feel it would not work as well if it was scaled up. Great use of audio and lighting really helps move the narrative along and in such a small space it really helps give more depth and content to the scenes.

I presume most of the props were bought from a toy shop and that along with some well known songs remixed to a Jurassic Park theme each scene has you laughing more and more. My favourite song I have to saw was Clawed finger – sung to the tune of Shirley Bassey’s Gold Finger.??My personal favourite scene involved Greg Airey’s Flamenco dancing Dilphosaurus dinosaur, where both he and Ariane Sallis reenact the iconic scene from the movie with Wayne Knight.

Not only are we able to relive some of our favourite movie scenes we also get to see the dinosaurs in an ‘ever day situation environment’. Getting the ‘meet’ the dinosaurs’ poses for some of the best laughs of the night. I take my hat off to the cast as between all 4 of them they manage to cover pretty much every actor or actress in the first film all within 90 minutes.

Definitely worth checking out. The Audience were laughing none stop throughout the show and taking a friend who is not a huge theatre fan he was raving about it on the train journey home.

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