Jurassic World. ( Movie Review )

Jurassic World. ( Movie Review )

So 14 years since the last in this dinosaurs franchise, Jurassic world is set 22 years in the since the first park opened.

You would think they would learn after 2 failed Jurassic theme parks and a second Jurassic island……. but no.

A CGI heavy movie, we see an entire new cast grace our screens. Set in a world where a run of the mill dinosaur is not enough, Bryce Dallas Howard (the park manager so to speak), along with other employees splice together several reptiles and dinosaurs to make the hybrid – Indominus Rex. This instantly spells disaster as this Dinosaur seems to have all of the strengths and skills of its generic parents but none of their weaknesses.

Chris’s Pratt provides the humour and eye candy which seems to be his trademark at present. We also see a new development in the human to dinosaur interaction with Pratt being the Alpha to 4 raptors. As times are changing you see this exhibit as more of a theme park twist in a modern day animal show as well as seeing a petting/ride the dinosaur area.
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Bryce Dallas Howard plays a calm collected successful lady who can run pretty damn fast in high heels ( I’m sure you have all seen the trailer ). Here is a funny video of Chris Pratt trying to recreate the scene – Buzzfeed Chris Pratt in Heels.

So I know Dinosaurs are no longer in existence so I get the use of CGI but in this case I think maybe they have relied more on the CGI and Action element of it and hoped that it got them through. The story line is predictable and at times and some of the acting is a bit dry but a  good modern twist on a theme park with a Shamu seaworld dinosaur enclosure ( as well as the previously mentioned areas )etc and some great other cast entries from Jack Johnson ( New Girl )  and Lauren Lapkus ( Orange is the New Black ) .

Growing up with the first 3 films I was expecting a bit more but  Blue the ‘pet dog’ of the raptors and Bryce running in heels provide good viewing if nothing else.

An easy watch, predictable storyline and in my eyes too much CGI but well worth a watch.

Definitely more on the Die Hard scale and I know some people will disagree with me and want a higher rating but the highest I can give it and thats at a push, a mighty Jurassic push ( sorry had to be done ) I’m giving you 4 movie punches.


The Jurassic World website: http://www.jurassicworld.com/

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