Keeping up with my 2013/2014 New Years Resolution.

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Keeping up with my 2013/2014 New Years Resolution.

Just over halfway through the year.. and where does the time go!! Public holidays and festivities flying by, Seems that we just jump from Christmas to Valentines day to Easter and so on without stopping to enjoy the present. I remember as a child, waiting what seemed like an eternity for christmas or a birthday to come round just so you could open your presents, and now as an adult it seems that in a blink of an eye you’re in the next month, or  onto the next job, or looking for somewhere new to live.

I have found though, that for the first time since making a new years resoultion on a wim or due to peir pressure I have actual upheld it!!! Hooray for that, not like I win a prize or anything but I guess being able to stick to something or achieve a goal deserves a round of applause. * Claps hands*.

Being fortunate enough to travel so much with work, Some of the most amazing and influental people in my life sadly do not live in England.

Friends and family are so important and I often get so caught up in work etc that I forget to take a moment and appreciate them. With my ever growing hectic schedule I find it hard to see friends in London let alone flying halfway across the world to see someone.

My new years resolution however (2013/2014) was to make sure I made time for and stay in touch with people better. Whether it be by skype, going home home more often or holidaying and seeing a friends/using them for free holiday accommodation 😉

Thanks to the joys of modern technology, I am able to jump from Australia to America and hit up Japan on my way back all with in a 8 hour window.  Somewhat elated that I have actually made a resolution I could stick to, I was reminded of what amazing friendships and family I have. You know its a sign of having a great friend when you may not speak every week or even every month but when you do its like nothing has changed but yet you have some much to catch up on. Facetime and Skype has become my best friend – allowing me to keep in touch with so many people. And through the use of the world wide web I now have an epic 6 week vacation/working holiday in the states to Look forward to, starting at the end of next month :).

Make sure you make time for Friends and Family as life is hard enough as it is, so why not make the effort and make yours and someone else day!! Tell someone you miss them, tell someone you love them, and if you have a spare moment actually ring someone and not just feel content looking at snippets of the life via Facebook.

Skyping my dear friend Geoff in Australia.


Face timing the lovely Crystal in Florida.


Talking to one of my best friends Marisa in NYC

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