Kinky Boots - The Musical

Kinky Boots – The Musical

Walking tall, about 6 inches taller roughly, there is no wonder why this show just won the Olivier award for Best New Musical.

Going to see the show on a whim, 15 mins before it started after a boozy dinner with friends, Kinky Boots turned out to be a spontaneous but great choice. This sparkling talent packed show is currently on at the Adelphi theatre London as well on Broadway, US tour and soon to be Australia.

This theatre is no stranger to being a factory, having previously being the home to Made in Dagenham, The Adelphi theatre is now the home to Price and Son shoes and Kinky Boots.

This Musical is based on the film Kinky Boots from 2005 and the story follows Charlie Price, played by Killian Donnelly, who is struggling to follow in his father’s footsteps and keep the family business Price and Son shoes afloat. He’s saving grace comes in the form of Drag Queen Lola, played by Matt Henry.

The creative team behind this show has the book by Harvey Fierstein, a score by Cyndi Lauper, and Jerry Mitchell as the Director and Choreographer.

So first to our leads. Killian and Henry are a perfect partnership, almost displaying the complete opposite personality traits they form a great onstage friendship. Henry is outlandish and in your face and Killian sensible and more of a home boy, the two of them command the stage and become each other’s greatest assist.

It took me a little while to warm to Killian’s character, but as the show goes on you can’t help but to feel for him and want the best for him. It’s great to see an ordinary man who ends up doing something extraordinary. Henry is both masculine and feminine, keeping up the back story of his boxing days while still managing to be comfortable on heels and singing his heart out.

Another shout out is Amy Lennox who plays the role of Lauren. This lovely factory worker is not only a talented singer and actor but her comedic timing is a great assist to the show. Her solo song ‘ History of Wrong Guys’ had the audience laughing out loud while also impressing us with her vocals.

The talented ensemble make up the rest of factory workers and angels and I can’t imagine dancing in those heels is an easy task. At times the choreography for the heeled performers is more on the armography side of things but with break out moments including back flips, splits and solo singing each angel has their moment. One of my particular favourite scenes was in the factory, where using the workline conveyor belts the entire cast on stage are singing, dancing and catwalking their hearts out.

Kiinky Boots, Musical, West End

The costumes are fantastic! It must have been great to work on this show both as the designers and theatre wardrobe staff. You have the simple dress code of the factory workers to the fablouous and colourful angels.

Find out more about Kinky Boots here and why not check it out for yourself.

Kinky Boots the 6 Tony Award and 3 Olivier Award Musical can be found at the Adelphi Theatre and is currently booking till August 2016. It is a great night out and will have you leaving the theatre in a happy mood ready to strut down the strand on the way home.




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