La La Land.

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La La Land.

One for the dreamers, lovers and to all those what if’s..
The 7 time Golden Globe winning La La Land is the perfect homage to the MGM Hollywood era but with a modern twist.

Ryan Gosling’s ‘Sebastian’ and Emma Stone’s ‘Nia’ paths cross in this modern day musical Romeo and Juliet.

This vibrant beautiful movie paves the way for movie musicals and for me it wasn’t just all the singing and dancing that hit home. ¬† The notion of ‘What if ?’ really resonated with me, all those missed opportunities, those chance encounters, those words that weren’t or were said and how that can take our lives on such a different trajectory…

The singing and dancing was stunning, choreographed by the insanely talented Mandy Moore, and fans of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ are no stranger to her breathtaking ideas and choreography. This movie is a refreshing slice of theatre that helps bring musical theatre to everyone, making it accessible to all and¬†helping to make musicals more mainstream.

Emma stone and Ryan gosling join focus again on screen, previously in Crazy Stupid Love, to make this movie gain its standing ovation. Seriously I felt like I should clamp after the opening sequence but then realized I was in a cinema in SE London and people don’t do that there…

I go to the cinema roughly 2-4 times a month ( thanks to my cineworld card) and the theatre probably 1-3 times a month – perks of the industry. This movie is inspiring and touches on aspect of the industry that only fellow performers know.

You will watch this movie and want to pack in your life, move to a coffee shop in La and wait to be discovered.

Stone and Gosling are both so ‘human’ in the movie and although it is not everyones cup of tea I can see why it has won so many awards.

So go enjoy, escape, laugh, get a little teary eyed. Allow yourself to escape and dream. Don’t get too carried away, your journey is still unfolding. So I wouldn’t suggest giving up your life to work in a coffee shop in L.A but you get the point…

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I give this movie 5 movie punches:
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