Let's be Cops..... Or Not.

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UK Release September. Starring Jack Johnson, Damon Wayans jnr , Rob Riggles.

With New Girl and Zooey Deschanel taking a place in my regular TV viewing choice I was excited to watch two of it’s stars in in this move.

If you are looking for an easy to follow no brainer then this is your film. A quite weak and unbelievable story but with big laughs. Think 22 Jumps Street without the Jump. 
Jack Johnson and Damon Wayans Jnr are two friends who are down on their luck and with the help of a little costume role play, they manage to fabricate a new more successful life for each other – as cops. Although at first this seems to go swimmingly and they become more popular and successful with the ladies, they soon get involved in territory/gang warfare and corrupt cops.
I feel that as funny as the Hangover movies are, they needed the dynamics of all 4 male leads to make it what it was and ‘Let’s be cops’ is just missing that something, maybe the help of an additional lead?.Nina Dobrev as beautiful as ever seems to play a very horny waitress, just throwing herself at Damon Wayans Jnr. Rob Riggle is hilarious as alway. Playing an innocent but handwork police officer, he provides some great humour and much needed laughs to the movie.
One of my particular favourite scenes was when Wayans and Johnson are called to a female domestic disturbance at a sorority house. Expecting some sexy time, they are actually greeted with wrestling and being forced to defend themselves against these rowdy women, my friend who I went to the cinema with actually told me to be quiet at this point as I was laughing out loud quite a lot.
I found this review hard to write as I didn’t have much to talk about. As I said some good laughs but more of a watch at home movie.Think Romy and Michele’s High School reunion Meets 21 Jump street with a dash of the Hangover. One movie punch
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