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My first few days in NYC..

My flight was pretty smooth and I tried to stay awake the whole journey in hopes to sleep more when I landed and beat the dreaded ‘Jet Lag’.

Watching 3 films (300 Rise of an Empire, Jack Ryan – Shadow Recruit, Captain American: Winter Solider) and 3 TV shows (Brooklyn Nine Nine, Big Band Theory and The 100) I managed to stay awake the entire plane journey and till an impressive 11.30pm in NYC once I landed (4.30am for me)….. Somehow I still woke up the next day at 6am. ( 11am back home in the UK). Great plan Jamie, really nailed that one….






Day one.

With a solid 6 hours sleep I was sure that was enough to see me through the day…  Waking up so early at least gave me the time to firstly write this and secondly start preparing what I wanted to achieve on my first week here.

My friend Marisa (who you met earlier in my blog) managed to buy $40 tickets to see the Broadway show On The Town for us. Not even being in NYC for 24 hours and I was already off to see a show – Score!! . Being a fan of the American TV show ‘So you think you can dance ( dance, dance as the theme tune goes ) one of the prizes of this season was a contract in this particular show, so I was super excited to see it and follow up on the winner of the show.

Marisa had a recording to attend downtown so we hopped on the 6 train and off we went. Arriving in Union square I was left to my own devices and with the weather being so beautiful I didn’t mind one bit. $71 later and I had got myself an American Cell number on a great plan for my time here. Being able to contact friends while here and being able to use google maps so I didn’t look like a complete tourist – Check.

Also travel here is so cheap !!!!, A weekly ultimate travel card that will allow you to travel anywhere in NYC is only $30 compared to a weekly zone 1-3 card in London that will set you back £36 ( $57) and doesn’t even cover everywhere.

From there I went on to explore the union Square area, enjoying the local farmers market and just enjoying the sun. I also went into Midtown for a little walk and a lite bite when Marisa had finished.The weather was absolutely stunning so we just enjoyed walking around and I went on to spend even more money on my first day and purchased a block of 10 classes at Broadway Dance Centre. If you buy them in a block it makes classes a tad bit cheaper, so it’s worth it if you are planning on doing a few classes just FYI.

This then left us with only a couple of hours to rush home, grabbing some amazing food at a local restaurant – Vietnam, then we were off to the Theatre to see ‘On the Town’.

Click here to read my review of… On The Town.

                                                   Day two
Taking full advantage of this amazing weather we decided to walk from my friends place on the Upper East Side (90th street) all the way down and across town to the Meat Packing district.


Grabbing the odd juice or coffee on the way our first point of call was the High Line. I had been on the high line back in 2012 but since then they have opened a new section.  The High Line is an old out-of-use railroad track that over the course of two years has been transformed into a public landscape and walkway. Originally opening in June of 2009, every few years they open a new section and it is well worth a visit.

We also then hit up the restaurant ‘Bluestone Lane’. Apparently this is a very trendy Australian cafe/restaurant. In NYC the ritual of sunday brunch is stapled into society, so when in Rome as they say or NYC in this case. So the Brits have Sunday Roast and the Yanks have Sunday Brunch.

From there me and Marisa went to the Ballet. In true Jodie Sawyer Style ( movie Centre Stage ). We saw Stravinsky and Balanchine Black and White. A beautiful a show with stunning dancing and an equally talented orchestra.

                                               Day three:
Day three was our lazy day. Marisa’s parents lived a short walk away from her place so we went there for wait for it… Brunch!  Eating a banquet fit for a King we went off to my first class on the Class pass scheme, feeling very full but jolly. My first class was Vinyasa Yoga at New York Yoga on York and 86th Street.  Class pass is a great concept especially if you are only in NY for a month. Its $99 for the month and you can take a variety of classes across hundreds of studios all over the city. Definitely check it out –

Then went out to see my friend Sean at the bar he works at on the lower west side – XES Lounge. Note to self don’t go out out after yoga having not eaten…

                                                 Day four:
Let’s not talk about day 4…. Let’s just say a fluke stomach bug 😉 had me like the Exorcist for most of the morning. In the evening on the other hand I had my first class at the Actors Centre on my 5 week TV hosting course. It was really insightful and I met some lovely new people and despite being rather all over the place due to my earlier discretions I managed to make it through and get home to sleep without vomiting anywhere… Score.

                                                Day five:
Was Awesome!!!! Managing to catch up with three friends. I was also asked for directions today by a fellow tourist…. and I actually knew where they meant and was able to direct them and send them on their way in the right direction.


                                                    Day Six:
Now feeling better, this was my first day of being able to take dance class in the City. I opted for a Theatre dance class that was recommended to me by several friends. It was at BDC and was AL Blackstone’s class, turns out he had a substitute who was Billy Griffin.  Despite having a substitute teacher I was not disappointed. Great energy about the class, no more then 18 people and a great and inspiring teacher. I wish we had a good theatre classes like this in London. In the evening I also went off to see the broadway musical – A Gentleman’s guide to love and murder. Definitely a must see and expect a review soon!!

                                                  Day Seven:
I am so fortunate to have travelled and worked abroad so much but due to this it can easily be years before being able to catch up with friends again.
Today I was able to catch up with yet another dear friend of mine – Hana Freeman who I had the pleasure working with a Tokyo Disney. Stumbling across a lovely French restaurant near Washington Square Park called ‘Amelie’. It was great food very cost efficient with its cheap lunch time menu. Amelie’ can be found at 22 West 8th Street, New York, NY 10011.

We also got our palms read for free by a lovely lady from Tokyo. I’ve aways wanted to get my palm or fortune read so find this little gem was amazing. In a quick abridged version apparently between the ages of  30-50 my life is going to be epic!!

From there I went onto my second class pass class called Pure barre at their studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Williamsburg really reminds me of East London. It has a trendy hipster vibe with really cool coffee shops and vintage stores.You could easily spend houts there and if you do make sure you go to Vanessa’s dumplings. Super cheap and super good !!


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