Living the American Dream

So it’s been a long time in the making but I was finally able to make the commitment and have the courage to book a long(ish) trip to the states 🙂

                   5 weeks and 5 days living the  ‘American Dream’

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Over the years I have been lucky enough to make a lot of connections with the states. Having worked there, holidayed there and made plenty of friends who lived there through performing contracts,  so it was about time I went there for an extended period.

Receiving the wedding invite from my old room mate and friend on tour ( Leigh Babiasz ) I decided that this was the push I need to book my trip. Being freelance and a workaholic I always find it hard to go away due to the ‘fear’ of missing out on work or auditions, but I have been learning more and more this year that this no way to live your life! Seeing as 2014 has been the best year of my career I thought I owed it to myself and this trip will allow me to travel, take class & actually benefit my career on so many levels.

Loving NYC for a multitude of reasons and having a big group of friends there I decided to use this as my hub for the majority of the trip. I also decided that I must try and see Vegas – everyone talks about it and my facebook newsfeed seems to be full of posts about it and people #Yolo(ing) & having selfies from balconies on fancy hotels overlooking the strip. So Vegas was on my list, as was DC. Movies make the capitol out to be some patriotic hub of American culture so I wanted to hit that up.

I also hope to try and go do some little side trips from NYC, thats something that I will look closer into when I get there. NYC is such a great city for the entertainment industry, I have been there twice before to take class and once for work, but for a much shorter time periods on all 3 accounts. It is so inspiring and exciting, so feeling a bit beat up on the hum drum of London life I am ready for my break away.

So stay tuned and let’s see what happens ……
Please find my very first attempt at a Vlog, hope you enjoy 🙂


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