Logan, Power Rangers & King Kong Movie Review

Logan, Power Rangers & King Kong Movie Review

Putting my cineworld membership to good use again I managed to catch three movies recently. Being a massive X-Men fan I couldn’t wait to watch Logan and Power Rangers took me back to my youth.


What a journey we have been on with Hugh Jackman’s Logan. From the younger wild haired cub we saw in 2000’s X-Men to  2017’s old man Logan. The events of X-Men Day’s of Future Past have left the Marvel universe open to do with X-Men as they please.

Set in the near future, unclear of past events, a somewhat defeated Logan cares for a mentally unhinged Professor X somewhere on the Mexican border. In true Logan nature danger follows him and with his mutant gene not in full swing he is entrusted with protecting a young mutant, pursued by dark forces.

Getting 4 out of 5 movie punches

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Power Rangers

If my memory serves me right the first song I ever bought on cassette was the Power Rangers theme tune… I know, cool right?

Reliving my youth Saban’s Power Ranger remake did not disappoint. As self proclaimed superheros this modern day slant on this franchise went down a treat. Following on from the original, five teens are granted the power to  transformed into the Power Rangers and the have to master these new skills to defeat the evil Rita Repulsa and save the world. Jason, Billy, Zack, Kimberly and Trini are highschool students at Angel Grove and they soon go from the detention room to kick ass Power Rangers. Some good special effects and nostalgia.

I give this movie a solid 3 movie punches.

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Kong: Skull Island.

So another King Kong movie ay… Kong: Skull Island see’s a reconnaissance team, which is not shy of a celebrity –  Samuel Jackson as Sergeant Packard, Tom Hiddleston as ex british military services and all around hunter tracker specialist James Conrad  and Anti War Photographer Brie Larson as Mason Weaver,  on a mission to explore uncharted territory – Skull Island.

As expected the mission goes horribly wrong and the soldiers and scientists are soon left to fend for themselves on Skull Island against giant spiders, really mad and sharp beaked birds, Kong himself and the Skull Walkers.

Special effects are good, I can only imagine  how funny filming was when the director would ask the actors to look up as if seeing a giant ape and then shout action, good old CGI acting there.

A nice collection of acting talent, easy watching as the script is not too heavy.

Overall 3 movie punches.

new punchnew punchnew punch


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