London Has Fallen. A movie review.

London Has Fallen. A movie review.

London Has Fallen has sadly fallen off my current spree of 5 punch movie reviews.

Following the Deadpool, Room and How to be single hat-trick, was a 4th great movie too much to ask for?

London Has Fallen is the sequel to – Olympus Has Fallen and it hit our screens in February this year ( 2016). With a cast of Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman and Gerard Butler, among others,  it had the potential to be a good movie.

The film in a nutshell… When the world leaders gather in London for the Prime Minister’s funeral a plan, years in the making, unfolds and London soon becomes under attack. Over the hour and 39 minutes most of London’s iconic landmarks are blown up as Butler and Gerard have to navigate the streets of London as they are hunted by terrorists.

For me the movie didn’t quite hit the mark. Butler gives a John Mclane Die Hard style performance which fell short. Don’t get me wrong he is a talented actor by within the restraints of the movie it didn’t have the same Die Hard effect.

Despite being set in England, it is a very patriotic American film. I love me some America, but along with the US president the newly appointed UK prime minister in the film is also alive and on the run but there is only a passing statement on that in the film. The end of the film was a bit rough and unnecessary to me.

Here is the trailer for all of you who haven’t seen it yet:

People may not agree, but for me I only give it a solid 2 movie punches.
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