Lucy - A Movie Review.

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Lucy - A Movie Review.

LUCY. Released August 2014. Starring Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman

Lucy was the last cinema outing for me and my friend Thomas ( insert sad face ). He was moving back to Germany, and as if Cineworld knew this, they spoilt us to a showing in their Special IMAX screen.
So… Lucy is the Matrix, meets Limitless with a flash of The Fifth Element. With the same director/writer as who brought us such films as Leon (one of my favourite all time films), The Fifth Element and Transporter 2 you can real tell that Luc Bessen directed this movie.
This movie was a gold mine for the location scouts!!!. Showcasing both parts of Asia and Europe, I felt like I needed to book a holiday as soon as I got home. Lucky for me I have a pretty sweet holiday approaching pretty fast 🙂 .
Lucy ( Scarlett Johanson ) is a student from the states studying abroad, when her love interest, of only a week, gets her swept up in a drug muling scheme. Which, as the movie progresses results in her gaining full access to her cerebral cortex. Through having a pouch of this experimental synthesised drug stored in her lower stomach, it later leaks into her blood stream – in a scene very reminiscent of ‘Trainsporting’  when they see the baby on the ceiling. Scarlett Johanson taps into her recent  ‘Black Widow’  kick ass assassin  and combined with Morgan Freeman’s powerful trademark voice this is an above average movie. 
I really enjoyed the interesting editing and cutaway scenes. Towards the beginning of the film, they would cut away to scenes that where not related to the film but helped move the story forward. Such as a mouse  attempting to get cheese from a mouse trap and a cheetah hunting a a heard of animals. I thought this was a very clever idea as it basically gave us a visual reference to what was being implied and also gave us more stimulus and using our brains more.
Giving you a Die Hard over a Love Actually rating and 2 movie Punches
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