Me being interviewed. Makes a change ;)

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Me being interviewed. Makes a change ;)


So this is a slightly unusual blog post, as this time I am the one being interviewed.

I am so used to being the one who has to research people or productions and get a list of questions ready for an interview or facts for a review etc, so it was nice to be in the so called ‘hot seat’ this week.

A friend of mine, Rhiannon Corbett ( see the photos at the bottom of the page), who I met while working out in Japan many moons ago now has her own very successful online dance wear and healthy living website.

Dancer, Empress studio wear Dancer, Empress studio wear

logo, Empress Studio Wear, dance is a great site where you can buy some never before seen leotards, yoga pants and much more. Taking all of your health and fitness needs Empress Studio Wear is a great emerging talent when it comes to your fitness wear. In addition to this, every once and a while they have an interview with someone in the performing or fitness world, giving you an inside look on their careers and what is it like to be a performer etc.

Make sure you can check out the site for great dance wear goods, but mainly my interview ;). Click on the image below or the link to check it out:

Interview, dancer, male performer

Empress Studio Wear – Jamie Body interview.

Me and the lovely Rhiannon, with our friendship sporting Japan, England and Dubai.
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