Movie Round Up

Movie Round Up

So due to work commitments I have been a bit behind with my movie reviews so here is a little round up from my last few movie trips:

Hacksaw Ridge
Andrew Garfield has grown in to an award nominee of a leading man. Superb and genuine acting from him in this real life story come movie. WWII army medic Desmond T Doss, played by Garfield, served in the war without ever firing a shot. A fantastic movie which manages to show so much of his life and journey, all wrapped up in the films time restraints. We see young love blossom between Garfield and Teresa Palmer, the gruelling trials of even getting into the army and the lifelike conditions of war. I can see why this film was nominated for so many awards, and it is a sign of great things to come from Garfield.

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La La Land. You can read my review of La La Land which also got 5 movie punches here

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The fourth instalment in the Underworld series  ‘Underworld Bloodwars‘ was a little disjointed from the previous movies. That might be due to the movies coming out at some time ago so therefore my memory my not be serving me as well. Some good fight scenes in this movie staying true to the time old rivalry between Vampire and Werewolf. In true vampire style Kate Beckinsale doesn’t seem to age, looking the same she did in the original Underworld back in 2003.  I was surprised to see Lara Pulver in the movie, having just seen her give an amazing  performance in the West End musical Gypsy she is villainous on the big screen.  Giving it 3 movie punches.

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As a massive Marvel Fan Dr Strange was a hit in my eyes. Not quite having the same comedic pull as Robert Downing Jnr, Benedict Cumberbatch’s DR Strange is still worth a watch and a great additional to the MCU movie range. Inception, matrix and a bit of 60’s psychedelia this movie is a 5 movie punch hit.

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Assassin’s Creed… fell short for me. Having played one or two of the games and being a fan of Michael Fassbender I was expecting great things from this movie. This is a prime example of the trailer giving away all the best bits. Sadly it only gets two movie punches from me.

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Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, what’s not to love. More than just another sci-fi space movie this film has levels. On an interplanetary travel to a new world, a series of unfortunate events mean that two passengers are woken up 90 years early… Some good special effects and real moments of wonder and tension, this is a great film to watch.

Gaining 4 Punches.
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