Notflix ( A show review ).

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Notflix ( A show review ).

Notflix is brought to you by РWaiting for the Call, A youthful musical improve group. ( )

Netflix as we know is a massive movie and TV show database and provides a great platform and freedom for this show. Greeted with a slip of paper, the audience have to fill in a few questions such as what their least favourite film is, worst scene in that movie etc. Then in a lion King, holding Simba up on pride rock moment, the cast hold up the bucket, of which contained these pieces of paper and in a lucky dip fashion, slips of paper were pulled out building the show for that evening.

This evenings performance was based on the terrible movie – Sharknado. The good thing with this show is that no two nights will be the same, so you could literally keep going to watch and be surprised.

The cast, 7 strong, all vary in strengths and combined they produced a great show. As I said the cast is very young and I can see them only growing in strength and creativity as they get older.

The show was an hour from start to finish and the entire thing was completely improvised. Great music and spur of the moment songs. Certain cast members took charge to carry the show and the audiences reactions helped fuel them with ideas snowballing as the show went on.

Humour, mild romance, singing and shark deaths – this show was a great night out. The creativity and quick thinking of the cast was amazing. They have obviously all worked together a lot, as there were very few moments of silence and each member of the cast helped evolve the last idea and add to the performance.

The one armed shark tamer played by Holly Mallett was the driving force for the show for me, quick whited and highly comical she had the audience laughing non stop. A mention to the pianist Tom Hodge for creating scores and playing them on the spot and I enjoyed the dry and humours little interjections from Rob Maksymowicz.

As I said each cast member added to the production and I can imagine as each show is improvised that every cast member is more then capable of taking the lead and probably very well has.

A fun little show and even better to enjoy with friends and a beer.Well worth a night out and I look forward to catching the show again.
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