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Recently I had the pleasure of attending one of Paperback pictures new writers nights A Foot In the Door. A great evening located in the heart of central London at the Arts Theatre West End, A foot in the door is a platform for supporting writers, actors and musicians or as they say : ” A Foot in the Door is a new-writing event, organised by Paperback Pictures, and is committed to developing and showcasing the work of upcoming writers, directors and performers.”  Think of it as art supporting art.

Paperback Pictures was originally created in 2010 by Ankur Vora and Oliver Blagden, who had met at school “When you were younger, did you ever create stories? Well, we did. In fact, we enjoyed making stories so much that we never stopped. That’s why we’re here today, to share some of our stories with you.” Since then the company has gone from strength to strength and is now a team of six. Everyone involved has some relationship to the arts industry and I think that is one of its greatest assists. Art created by artists and produced by artists.

Held in a small but intimate space, A Foot in the Door is run bi-monthly and is located in the heart of central london just above the Arts Theatre Leicester Square. It reminded me of a black box theatre but with a bit more character, with a bar located at the back and chairs to accommodate most.

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The evening was made up of four pieces and one of the great things about this evening is that in between each piece there was live music , opening up the floor to support singers as well. We had music by Seb Stone.

An Intense trio exploring the mind of a psychotic sniper. A great piece of work built on tension and suspense. Written by John Foster, directed by Adam Hypki and performed by Andrew Seddon, Molly Ward and Tom Pepper.

D and G
Was a hilarious duo made up of Emma Rose and Bobby Hirston, written by Sarah Milyon and directed by Scott Ellis. Is a case of ‘Cold feet’ too much for some.. A hilarious retelling of how the couple got together and what they mean to each other. A warm and northern charm and humour to it that the audience loved. I think everyone who was involved in this piece are on the road to great things.

The fourth piece was a dry comedic monologue created and performed by Nic McQuillan. A genuine story and narrative of youth and upbringing. He says it himself, but to hear him talk you would feel he has lived a life of privilege, very much that of a Eton college boy. This only but adds to the humour and delivery of what he is say. It takes a lot to hold an audience by yourself and McQuillan had no problem doing so.

Hell and Heaven
Another wedding  inspired comedy. Written by Richard Cabut, directed by David Weinbery and the cast was made up of Clemmie Reynolds, Kit Allsopp, Shane Noone and Eugenie River. An eccentric piece based on the upper class social hierarchy and whether you are content even in death.

As people have been drinking and chatting during the performances, after the show finishes the night slightly turns into, dare I say it, a networking style of event. But not the “who are you? what have you been in? how can you help me” kind of networking but more of the genuine friends of friends and people willing to give each other an opportunity ti create and perform.

I would highly recommend contacting Paperback productions if you are a aspiring writer or even an actor or writer with experience. Sadly there is not enough work around to support the arts world so why not create your own or go along to the next night to support them.

The next Foot in the door is March 13th. You can find out more about the event and how to get involved on :


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