Pitch Perfect 2. ( A movie Review)

Pitch Perfect 2. ( A movie Review)

  Pitch Perfect 2.

 Release date May 2015. Starring Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Elizabeth Banks, John Michael Higgins.



A Pitching great sequel to the hit movie Pitch Perfect. With a more constant humour then the first, this movie had me laughing throughout. 

Pitch Perfect 2, much like the first movie, is a good no brainer easy to watch movie. If you are looking for oscar nominations this is not it, but a funny feel good movie that should have you leaving the movie theatre with a smile on your face.

The Barton Bells are now 3 time national champions and are on the road to the world championships when a few spanners are thrown in the woodwork and it all goes terribly wrong. The main problem being Fat Amy, bless her, and the European champions – Das Sound Machine.


Das Sound machine, Pitch Perfect 2

Rebel Wilson, Fat Amy, Pitch Perfect 2Rebel wilson is on top form again delivery a hysterical performance as Fat Amy. Anna Kendrick is the career driving music genius of the group and helps push the narrative along within the film. These two ladies are the main focus of the movie I would say. It was lovely to see a lot of the original cast return, although they have some great comedy moments and vocals, between Wilson, Kendrick and the hysterical announcers Elizabeth Bank and John Michael Higgins the rest of the cast are over shadowed.

As I said this isn’t a thought provoking movie which leaves you questioning life but it is a good laugh to watch with friends. If you didn’t enjoy the first then obviously don’t watch the sequel but with some great new characters added it is a song and dance comedy whirlwind of a movie. If you are free one evening and want to be simply entertained go and watch it.

More on the Love Actually meets Glee meets Fame side of things, I am giving Pitch Perfect 2 a Movie Punch rating of 3:
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