Priscilla Queen of the Desert. UK Tour 2015.

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It’s always great to support friends in theatre and being able to see four friends performing in Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the New Wimbledon theatre while it is on tour was awesome.


A feel good party of a show, bright costumes, camp dancing, fun music the audience truly had a euphoric experience.

Based on the movie from 1994 of the same title, Priscilla Queen of the Desert follows two drag queens and a transexual as they travel across the Australian Desert. Packed full of disco songs the three friends embark on a very eventful journey as it graces the stage again for the 2015 UK tour.


Donavan actually reprised his role of Tick/Mitzi. This role is actually split tracked between Donavan and Duncan James (Blue), both taking their share of the tour dates.

I heard mixed reviews about Donavan but I was pleasantly surprised. You could tell that he has had some time off from the show but still delivered a good performance. Vocally the show seems to place a bit of a strain on Donovan but he is a very fun enjoyable performer to watch and seemed to be a massive audience attraction. 

Adam Bailey as Adam/Felicia and Simon Green as Bernadette complete the threesome each adding a different dynamic to their connection. Green plays a strong, seasoned transexual and provides a great dry sense of humour where Bailey is the go-go dancing party gay of the trio and bring the youth and somehow both innocences and mischief to his character and the stage.

The Vocal power houses that were the Diva’s command the stage when present, boy can those ladies sing! A clever gimmick with the Diva’s singing their lungs out of those popular pop songs as the drag queens of the show lip sync for their lives in front of them. 

Being a tour, the set is downsized somewhat from the West End run of the show. Some of the scenery looks a little warn out and cheap and due to this had some slow entrances on their tracks but luckily the iconic bus is in its full glory.   

Despite the the trashy appearance of some of the set ( which kind of adds to the show ) costumes are fabulously brilliant. It must be a such a great show to work on for the wardrobe department but the backstage quick change traffic must be just as complicated as the on stage choreography. Showgirl costumes, to bondage dungeon outfits to that of an ostrich, you can tell why this show has won several costume awards.

Priscilla Queen of the desert. Musical, Show, Tour

The choreography by Andrew Hallsworth and Ross Coleman was great. Despite the feminine/camp vibe of the show this is a great show for male performers. A lot of the ensemble have understudies and feature roles but along side this they get to actually really dance. Going against most things you are told as a male dancer the ensemble go from playing bogan hill billy australians and basically country line dancing to vegas style show girls tipping and slut dropping across the stage.

Callum McDonald as Miss Understand gives a hilarious performance as a cabaret compere drag queen, breaking the 4th wall as he throws jokes across the audience he really gets the show starting on the right foot or should I say the right stiletto.

Priscilla Queen of the desert. musical

The show was a lot funnier than I was expecting it to be and this added to the audiences enjoyment factor even more. It appeals to theatre lovers, hen parties, gay men, partiers, the movie lovers and more.

Playing till April 2016 make sure to check it out in a venue near you:

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