Road Trip!!!!

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Road Trip!!!!!!! Off to DC with Matt and Marisa

I was having such a blast being in America and having been in New York for a few weeks now, I felt the need to travel and what better place to go then the countries capitol !

Basically I wanted to see DC the way the movies painted it out to be. Granted I won’t be doing any high speed car chases or action scenes that you may have seen in such movies as White House down or Independence Day ( well fingers crossed I won’t) but I hope to make the most of it 🙂

Firstly I can’t thank Matt and his Family enough for opening up their lovely home to me, giving me luscious meals and my own room. Walking into a house that was so homely and to be honest could have been on MTV cribs for a nice country singer, I was greeted by a lovely chubby cat (spanky) and his lovely parents  :).Matt is a trooper for driving us for 7 hours – hit by traffic and closed lanes, our predicted 5 hour journey over ran. We got to Bethesda, Maryland by midnight and we raided Matt’s parents cupboards for munchies like pre teens who had just come home from a blink 182 concert.

Day one – After a lovely family breakfast and catch up round the table we grabbed our umbrellas, due to the English style weather, and took a short stroll down to the 2014 Taste of Bethesda food festival. We ate like kings having the choice of over 200 hundred local restaurants. Feeling relatively stuffed from an Empanada, Koren rice and some burritos we felt we had seen and eaten enough to make our way onto our next adventure.


We made our way to the subway and going down the escalator which seemed to go down to the earths core we jumped on the theme park style metro and headed for the Zoo.

So Marisa loves animals more then I do… which says a lot!! We spent basically an hour of our trip at the Panda exhibition alone. The panda’s seemed to play up to the crowd and gave us a little show with playful fighting and cuddling. This zoo is completely free ( this would never happen in England ) and despite the somewhat english weather for the day it did not stop us from making the most of it. A great collection of animals and exhibitions – I can’t recommend it enough.

We then went onto the area of town referred to as Adams Morgan ( no idea why.. ). A trendy street with nice bars, restaurants and coffee shops.  What I discovered during the first day was that the people of New york work hard but also play hard where the people of DC seemed to just work hard and were not the friendliest..

We also hit up another nice area called Du point. Stopping at a nice coffee shop called Fire Stone. I had a ‘dreamtime cookie’ which I would recommend – no idea what was in it but it was heavenly ! We then came home to have a banquet by Matt’s family. Opening with a Dark and Stormy ( rum based alcoholic drink ) we had a succulent 2 day marinated Lamb.

So day two in DC…

Struggling to wake up and get motivated I was excited to see this beautiful city and we set off to see the first of many sights. Our first stop was the White House.  The sun was shining, it was warm and the White House…… was a lot smaller then I thought it would be. Beautiful but a lot smaller then the movies make it out to be. From there we hit up three museums – The Museum of American History, The Natural History Museum and the Air and Space museum. I hear seeing 3 museums is quite the accomplishment and boy is it, out of the 3 I would say the Museum of American History was my favourite. A nice mix of popular artefacts and historic relics but I  also really enjoyed the air and space museum and the Wright brothers exhibition.

We then walked what seemed like a total of 10 miles and ended up at the Lincoln Memorial. Like the venus fly trap for tourists this was an amazing monument to see!!

From here we went to George Town. George Town is beautiful, it actually reminded me a bit of England and Cambridge with the locks and quaint shops. I saw the first 5 guys burgers ( a fast food chain which I first discovered back in 2007 in Athens, Georgia ) and that we now have in London. We ate at a lovely Thai restaurant called Miss Saigon.  We then went on to meet some of Matt and Marisa’s friends at a bar called Allsouls. It was a great way to end this action packed weekend trip and DC has to be one of the most beautiful cities I have seen in the states.

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