Room. A movie review.

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Room. A movie review.

Well 2016 seems to be smashing it out the park on the cinema front. Room scores my second 5 movie punch of the year.

Brie  Larson and Jacob Tremblay are both just exquisite. There is no wonder why Larson scooped up the Oscar for best actress in a feature film.

Tackling such a taboo subject of abduction and mistreatment Room tugs on the heartstrings as this heroine struggles with life in captivity for seven years. Abducted at the age of 17,  Ma ( Larson ) has had no contact with the outside world apart from ‘ old man Nick’, her captor. Life in ‘Room’ has been hard and the only ray of light is her son – Jack. Both a blessing and a curse ,Jake is the bastard son of Ma and ‘old man Nick’.

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The film so cleverly tackles both life in ‘Room’ and the after effects of captivity in the real world. Tremblay is the Dakota Fanning for this generation. For someone of such a young age to give the performance he did is truly amazing, he beautifully captivates what it must be like to experience everything for the first time event at the age of 5.

I originally thought this would be a movie to see at home, but I am so glad that I saw it at the cinema. Such tension and raw emotion in the film that lends itself to the big screen. A strong thriller of a film scoring 5 movie punches.

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Catch the trailer here:

And you can find out more in IMBb.

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