Sex Tape The movie.

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Release UK September. Starring Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Rob Lowe.

Sex Tape – The movie. No the Cameron Diaz one !!…. not the other one

So, this was actually a lot better then I thought it was going to be. The trailer painted it to be a very generic Diaz/Segel style film with a few one lines, and although it was a generic Diaz/Segel film it did surprise me with the laughs, not coming just from the Atypical punch lines and it had a bit more sustenance to it .

Sex Tape
Sex Tape

A high school sweetheart couple swept up in their busy lives realise they have not had sex in a long time… Through some somewhat raunchy flashback scenes we learnt that Sex is what brought them together and they used to be really good at it. (Note – Maybe not a film to see with the parents.) The now lustless couple Diaz and Segel decide to make a sex tap, as you do, in order to try and spice things up. Without giving much away, through a series of misfortunate events the sex tape gets synced to several iPads and they go on a crazy night – with a family style ‘The Hang Over’ type of events unfold, while the try to track the iPads down. I felt the film happened to be somewhat topical with the recent computer hacking of celebrities and their nude photos.

Jason Segel’s humour in this film is actually more witty then his usual ‘Marshal’ ( how I met your mother ) dumb obvious humour. Cameron Diaz is still hanging onto the attractive sex symbol role and to be honest, if you got it why not flaunt it?. A very typical Diaz performance but she wouldn’t be where she is now if the public didn’t like it.

As a unit I enjoyed the dynamics of the family, the 2 children were fantastic. Especially the little girl and during the fun family game scene of ‘Breaking and entering’ the little girl had me howling just by holding the crow bar. This led nicely into a cameo scene with Jack Black. Unexpected but definitely a quick highlight of the film as they reel off a whole host of porn movie companies.

The trailer does give away some of the punch lines but it didn’t seem to matter as the audience still let out a chuckle during such good lines as “The cloud – no one understands the cloud”.

Rob Corddry and Ellie Kemper add a lot of humour to the movie as the couples best friends and the scene between Diaz and Rob Lowe was probably the best part of the movie for me. I love Rob Lowe in Parks and Recreation and he brings the same energy to this movie and had great dynamics with Diaz.

Clearly sponsored by Apple with an iPad here and iPad there I am sure Apple made some good money from the not so subliminal advertising.

It’s a a good no brainer movie with a mix of humour from We’re the Millers, Bad Teacher, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Giving you 2 Movie Punches.






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