Showstopper! The improvised musical.  (A show review).

Showstopper! The improvised musical. (A show review).

I got the opportunity to go along and review Showstoppers the Improvised musical on tour the other night and what a great night of entertainment it was.

You can check our my review on or read it below:

Showstoppers at the Secombe Theatre Sutton was a hilarious night out. Showstoppers is a must see production and between both the tour and the West End performances, there is no excuse not too.

The premise for the show is that it’s a completely improvised musical based on the audience’s suggestions and is set to live accompaniment. It’s both a simple and incredibly difficult idea for a show, but somehow this very talented cast pull it off. Showstoppers unique selling point is that every night you are guaranteed a different show.

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The main cast for the tour was made up of 5 performers plus a Compere/Director, a pianist and a drummer. The MC/on stage ‘Director’ has the dubious task of creating a never before seen musical for his producer ‘ Cameron’, who also happens to phone in to check on the process. Breaking the 4th wall the director uses the suggestions from the audience to create this brand spanking new show. With questions like ‘What musicals do you want to see in the show?’ ‘Whats your favourite song or actor?’ and ‘where shall they go?’, the cast only have a few minutes to process the audience’s suggestions and create a two hour show.

The winning theme suggested from the audience on the particular night I saw the show was – Mills and Boon ( the romance novels ) goes to Transylvania.

The cast were immensely talented, having to come up with songs characters and dialogue on the spot. With other audience suggestions the show had to encompass a broadway medley, a disney megamix, going to new york and with a few side comments based on other suggestions of themes like hamsters in a phone box the show went on its way.

The way the cast portrayed the Lion King and Wicked with brooms and random sheets of fabric was amazing to watch, changing the lyrics to fit the romanic eastern european theme the show had the audience laughing nonstop.

There were only a few moments where the cast slightly spoke over another member or that they mistook the idea put in motion by another actor, but it only added to the hilarity of it all.

Each cast member had something unique to offer, whether it was superb vocals, witty one liners or amazing characterisation and this was matched by the very talented band.

This show is literally for everyone and I strongly urge you to go and see it.

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