Some Girl(s). Q&A : Carolyn Backhouse.

Some Girl(s). Q&A : Carolyn Backhouse.

Some Girl(s) is coming to the Park Theatre this summer and through the London Theatre Bloggers I got the chance to interview Carolyn Backhouse.

Some of you may recognise her from Coronation Street or The Bill to name but a few of her many acting accolades.


Let’s find out what Carolyn had to say about the production and find out how rehearsals are going…

Neil Labute has a pretty impressive portfolio of work that spans across TV, Theatre and Film. How has it been working with Labute on this project? Did you know any of his previous works before hitting the rehearsal room?

I had read Labute and seen his work but this is the first Neil Labute play that I’ve done. Labute isn’t in rehearsal but we’ve spent a long time examining the play and breaking it down so we have a clear view of what the writer wants.

What was your audition process like for Some Girl(s)

The audition was great. I did a lot of preparation – work on the accent (East Coast) and getting really familiar with the character and lines. I enjoyed the audition because the director was very clear about what he wanted and the way he wanted to work.

Some Girl(s) has graced the stage in London & New York as well as a film adaptation. Why do you think the show is so well received?

I think because it’s a humorous look at men and women in love and the pain that results from being dumped. Most of us have been through it so we recognise the situations and the language that’s used.

What is Some Girl(s) in a nutshell ?

Some Girl(s) is a play about a man in his 30’s, about to get married, who goes on a journey across America to revisit four ex girlfriends. He wants to set the record straight with them for a number of reasons and his true motives only become clear as the play unfolds.

Some Girl(s), Carolyn Back

So tell us a bit more about your character in the show?

I play Lindsay, a university lecturer and ex colleague of Guy, the hero. She’s strong, quick witted, sarcastic and intelligent. She hatches a plan to play him at his own game and executes it! She appears tough and composed because she tries to keep her feelings hidden.

Can you relate to any of the characters in the show?

I can relate to Lindsay more than the other characters – though I’m not really like her – but I admire her balls!

You yourself have also worked across multiple platforms. Do you have a preference of stage or screen?

I think I prefer working in theatre to tv and film but that could be because I’ve done more of it and it’s very familiar to me. I love working on a good play with a great cast and director and doing all the research and investigation. Often in tv there’s little or no rehearsal time so it can be hard to really develop a character. And you just can’t beat a live audience.

Some Girl(s) is a small intimate cast of 5 people how is it working with only 4 other actors to feed off of ?

The play has four scenes, each scene is a two-hander between Guy and each of the women – so we only get one actor to feed off. It makes it intimate and intense and each scene is like a little play in itself with a beginning, middle and end.

What can the audience expect from this production?

The audience can expect humour, wit, great dialogue, home truths, sex, revenge and a clever plot twist.

Some Girls opens July 14th and plays till August 6th at the Park Theatre. Make sure to check out the trailer:


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